Our Shift and Ascension Special Gathering April 17th

Our Shift and Ascension Special Gathering April 17th

Dear Friends,

I invite you to join me on April 17th for an exciting interactive evening as we discuss where we currently are as a collective consciousness, and where we are shifting into the future. How can mystical experiences and divine connection up-level us, and create an expanded awakening for all that is?

I will give a short introduction and then open it up to questions.

Here’s what we’ll be engaging with:

Harmonic Convergence
2007 – Winter Solstice and the 5 years of transparency
2012 – Winter Solstice – The Shift – Ascension and the 13 Steps that humanity and our planet is moving through. Our move into the 5th dimension and how it created an awakening within each of us to our “I AM” presence.

Three Fold Golden Flame Meditation | Sacred Mystical Journeys

The Golden Flame  

The Threefold Golden Flame of Love, Wisdom and Illumination. Its introduction to our world at Winter Solstice 2012 and how it has emerge as an amazing power within our world.

The 7 Rays and how they interact with daily life as they filter down through the big dipper.

How all of the above are inter-connected like mystical building blocks of consciousness in our life.

The 8 cycles of the year.

The 4 governing archangels of our planet.


Embracing our shadow.

Tools for everyday life.

I looking forward to our special gathering.

Blessings, love and golden light,

Our Shift and Ascension Special Gathering

Join us on this telecall for a special event featuring an exciting and interactive discussion with Finbarr Ross.

Wednesday, April 17th, 2019

9:00pm Eastern
8:00pm Central
7:00pm Mountain
6:00pm Pacific
2:00am UK

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