Payment Terms

Tour Payment Options

  • Pay in full by credit card
  • Pay in full by check or money order (get a discount!)
  • Pay a $800.00 deposit by credit card, check or money order (in order to secure your place in the tour).
  • Pay balance on or before 60 days prior to beginning of tour by credit card, check or money order.
  • Make monthly payments towards your tour balance.  We can set this up for you by calling our toll free customer service line. You must have already placed an order for your tour on the tour page or by phone so that we can set up your account and have your accommodation preferences etc.

Please note: A $800 initial deposit is required to hold your space for a tour. You may make payments towards your tour with the final payment due 7 days prior to departure. Visa, Mastercard and American Express are accepted for your convenience.

If you have any questions about a tour you can ask them here or you can call Sacred Mystical Journeys at 1-877-756-8763 in the United States.

We offer travel insurance through the World Travel Center. Please click the link to arrange coverage.

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Payment in US Dollars only

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