Islands of Dreams + Meditation with Golden Flame of Illumination August 3rd

Islands of Dreams + Meditation with Golden Flame of Illumination August 3rd

Come join us as we explore the hidden mysteries of the Temples in Malta. Plus the mysticism of Sicily.

• Experience the magic of the Maltese Prehistoric Temples
• The Shipwreck of Saint Paul
• The Knights of Saint John
• Mary Magdalene

Graced and kissed by the sun, these islands invite us to engage with the world’s oldest Sacred Goddess Temples, and to align ourselves with the Feminine Principle. Experience Mary Magdalene and her energetic frequency in Malta.

As we journey we experience the ancient wisdom, beauty, and energies of the divine Goddess, be prepared for a transformational experience as your heart opens to be touched by the Divine Mother.

In Sicily we experience and honor the Divine Feminine by visiting the Church of St. Lucia, also known as St. Lucy (283-304), the patron saint of Syracuse.

In Palermo - A rare highlight is the stunning Christ Pantocrator, an exquisite icon of Christ, one of 5 in the world.

Palermo with a visit to the Palazzo Abatellis with its famous The Triumph of Death and The Annunciation, the Plazza Marina, and the infamous Plazza Pretoria on the Palermo's eastern side.

In Tindari, we shall see two Black Madonnas.

In Agrigento, we will explore the 5th century Valle dei Templi.

Join us on this mystical journey where you will experience a journey deep within yourself.

I invite you to embrace love, gratitude, compassion and forgiveness allowing freedom to flow in all aspects of your life and watch the magic happen. I look forward to being with you on Wednesday, August 3rd as we join with our global spiritual community, creating a stable energy field emanating from The Village at Montrose, a place of inspiration and empowerment opening us up to the beauty of who we are as we walk the pathway of the heart.

Blessings, love and light,


Islands of Dreams + Meditation with Golden Flame of Illumination August 3rd