Full Moon Meditation, January 28th

Full Moon Meditation, January 28th

Keynote: “Water of life am I, poured forth for those who thirst.”

Full Moon Meditation, January 28th. 2021 is a year of change – when you look back upon it, will you be able to say that “you were stretched” – to bring about change within yourself, your group and your community?

A year in which we will recapture ourselves as we Awaken to Empowerment the 10th gateway.

Courage, is now needed more than any other time in our lives; and in the Aquarian way, as we networks with other like-minded souls and co-workers who are all striving to birth the new dispensation of Aquarius.

The fourth ray rules Humanity and through opening the heart is the way of developing higher consciousness – conflicts are met – a balancing of the opposites takes place. Harmony is accomplished until the next crisis presents itself. Conflict is also represented where tests are applied:  Over the coming weeks we will experience chaos which may also force compromises.

Americas Aquarian Soul Purpose for this Full Moon Meditation, January 28th
“Its Gemini nature and its Aquarian soul will provide a most remarkable channel for human expression.” as it develops and balances.

It is Americas nation’s destiny to be a leader of nations, as we enter into the Aquarian Age. Aquarius is a sign of synthesis and sharing, and is a sign that rules at the soul level by only two other countries – Russia and the Netherlands. Aquarian esoteric ruler Jupiter also rules the second ray of Love-Wisdom – the most powerful ray on this planet as we are a ray two planet and is the most influential ray upon the developing system we call democracy. America and Britain are both second ray souls, deeply connected to the founding and development of democracy:

So as we are now entering more deeply into the new dispensation/ paradigm – we keep building the emerging Aquarian paradigm that will replace the old Piscean model – which is gradually crumbling away as we embrace fully who we are.

I look forward to seeing you on the 28th.



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Full Moon Meditation with the
Golden Flame of Illumination, January 28th

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