Ireland: The Mystical Land of Saint Brigid

Ireland: The Mystical Land of Saint Brigid

Travel with Joan Clark on a sacred pilgrimage and experience the mysticism of Ireland, a land rich in beauty, Celtic spirituality, legend and myth. Renowned for its holy places, it is here where Druids once taught, and the Celtic culture thrived. Become enchanted by folklore and fairy tales, as you discover this beautiful land and its ancient sacred sites which hold so much wisdom. Experience Newgrange, Tara, Glendalough, the Boyne Valley, and Kildare, the home of Saint Brigid the Irish Goddess.

Who Was Saint Brigid?

Saint Brigid is associated in Irish folklore and literature with the gifts of poetry, healing and smithcraft. Brigid is also identified with nature, fertility and fire. Brigid established her abbey and church in Kildare around 480 AD, on the site now occupied by Saint Brigid’s Cathedral. Some scholars suggest that her religious order may have evolved from Druidic priestesses who converted to Christianity. Saint Brigid is the patron Goddess saint of Ireland.

St. Brigid's Holy Well - Joan Clark's Mystical Pilgrimage to Ireland

In Kildare, we will connect with Saint Brigid as we visit and experience her holy well and the Flame of Saint Brigid. Her flame burned for over a thousand years prior to the English reformation. The flame was rekindled in 1993 by the Brigidine sisters. People who visit her holy well often tell stories of miraculous healings and divine inspiration.

Ireland is a land of exquisite beauty and holy sites where rituals and ceremonies for the sacred have been honored throughout time. Here one connects more deeply to the land, one’s roots, one’s self.

We invite you to travel with us and experience Ireland—the mystical land of Saint Brigid—land of poets, mystics, wandering hills, deep forests, and some of the most beautiful emerald landscapes in the world; a place of alchemy, wisdom, ancient lore and prophecy.