February Full Moon Telecall

February Full Moon Telecall

Keynote: Vision and prophecy guide the awakened one

Threefold Golden Flame Meditation

As we journey on the pathway of Awakened Consciousness we are asked to to look at what is transforming in our lives. What is it we are releasing. How do we embrace the change that transformation brings to us. Are we ready to embrace unity and Oneness as we progress into a period of resurrection.

A message on the sign of Pisces from Karen Johannsen:

“In this sign we open ourselves to the energies of the mystic and the visionary.

Pisces dreams big and longs for the unity of all that is.  However she/he needs their opposite sign, Virgo, to ground the visions in reality.  We are ending a yearly cycle in Pisces so we contemplate what we are willing to release in order to begin anew in Aries.”

With completion comes rejuvenation and new birth so as we embrace the energies of this full moon we are embracing all aspects of ourselves.

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