Full Moon Lunar Eclipse November 30th

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse November 30th

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse November 30th

Keynote: “I see the goal. I reach that goal and then I see another.”

We are in for many surprises being brought to the forefront with this full moon and eclipse. The main theme being deconstruction of the old.

It is a time of chaos with the light shining on raw truth as secrets are revealed followed by waves of truth and  disclosure.

It is about a shift in consciousness as we prepare to enter a new vibration at Winter Solstice opening ourselves up to the energy of Awakening to Empowerment.

This lunar eclipse is bringing us the vibration of transformation, and if we want the world to be devoid of fear and anxiety we must start with ourselves.

We have 21 days from the full moon to put our house in order, to embrace all aspects of ourselves and to realize that fear is an illusion and if you follow it with curiosity it leads you nowhere.

In the time we have left between now and Winter Solstice it is important for each of us to be a shining bright Golden Light which supports the masters in their construct of energy and transformation for 2021 was we walk with empowerment.

As we are now moving into a phase of truth and empowerment, truth and courage are special aspects of the second ray of Love-Wisdom which is ruled by Jupiter, also the ruler of Sagittarius.

There are times, rather than recognize the purity of the higher truth and taking the transformative “hard steps”, we may create another reality that serves as a buffer from the truth. That’s why it takes courage to face the truth, own the truth – or seek truth because truth is truth.

Thank you for all that you do, and I look forward to being with you on the 30th.

Blessings, love and light,


Full Moon Lunar Eclipse + Golden Flame Meditation, November 30th

Listen to an audio recording of this telecall with Finbarr Ross from November 30, 2020: