Sacred Mystical Journeys

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Saint Cwyfans Church in Wales - Sacred Mystical Journeys
Egypt Sacred Tour with Joan Clark and Finbarr Ross
The Mound of Hostages at Tara Hill in Ireland
Drombeg Stone Circle - Ireland
Triskele Symbol - Sacred Mystical Journeys
Spiritual Tours to Malta
Bolivia Sacred Sites Tours
The mystial grotto at Lourdes - Sacred Mystical Journeys
Tor at Glastonbuy - Sacred Sites Tours

Awake and Aware – The Masters and the 7 Rays Part 2 + Golden Flame of Illumination Meditation, July 8th

  Join with us for Part 2 of our Series as we explore the spiritual Science behind the Masters involved in the remaining 4 Rays of the 7 Rays. If you have missed Part 1 of our Series, and are interested to align at a deeper level with the second half of our series next Wednesday the 8th, please go…

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July 4th – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse + Golden Flame of Illumination Meditation

We live in very interesting time where the old order in being deconstructed and the New Dawn is being built as we embrace the new. The energy this month is asking us to raise our frequency, look to creating a stronger spiritual practice in our lives which creates our future. We are currently going through the eye of the needle…

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Awake and Aware – The Masters and the 7 Rays + Golden Flame of Illumination Meditation, July 1st

  Join with us on a two part series as we explore the spiritual Science behind the Masters and the 7 Rays and how they help raise our consciousness into Self Empowerment. How they empower us and they help us raise our consciousness as we move out of the collective consciousness into Self Empowerment. We each play an important role…

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Alive, Awake and Aware – Connect with, Explore and Activate Our Memory Cells + Meditation June 24th

  I invite you on the feast day of John the Baptist to join me on a spiritual journey of exploration and adventure into the memory cells of your body. Being Alive, Awake and Aware! Since it is the Feast Day of John the Baptist we will explore what message he has for us at this time! We will quest…

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Summer Solstice Mystical Meditation + Solar Eclipse, June 20th

Summer Solstice a time of culmination of seeds sown at Winter Solstice with the energy now reaching it pinnacle for humanity and our planet. The seeds sown at winter solstice brought us a year of transition a year of looking within, at life, ourselves and the planet with a whole new perspective. Today Summer Solstice is the longest day of…

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World Healing Meditation + Mystical Messengers of Light, June 17th

  I invite you to join with me as we explore the Mystical Messengers of Light! What is their role and how do they fit in our life today. What is the role of Kuan yin. What is the role of Master Jesus. What is the role of Mary Magdalene. What is the role of Lord Ganesha. What is the…

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