Sacred Mystical Journeys

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Saint Cwyfans Church in Wales - Sacred Mystical Journeys
Egypt Sacred Tour with Joan Clark and Finbarr Ross
The Mound of Hostages at Tara Hill in Ireland
Drombeg Stone Circle - Ireland
Triskele Symbol - Sacred Mystical Journeys
Spiritual Tours to Malta
Bolivia Sacred Sites Tours
The mystial grotto at Lourdes - Sacred Mystical Journeys
Tor at Glastonbuy - Sacred Sites Tours

Full Moon Golden Flame Meditation January 10th

Keynote: Lost am I in light supernal and on that light I turn my back. Capricorn: Initiation The symbol for Capricorn is the mountain with a goat standing on the summit. “All difficult journeys, places and summits can be reached by the Divine Goat, a symbol of group consciousness.” As the Aquarian age unfolds, the Law of Group Consciousness/Awareness action…

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The Ġgantija Megalithic Temple Complex of Malta

On our Sacred Tour of Malta and Sicily, we’ll enjoy a full-day ferry trip to Gozo, a beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea, and one of the three islands that make up the archipelago of Malta. Together, we’ll experience Ġgantija, a megalithic temple complex on the island of Gozo. The Ġgantija Temple Complex consists of two separate temples: The South…

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Winter Solstice Three Fold Golden Flame Meditation

Keynote: Rebirth within my Self Please join us on December 20th, 2019, for our Winter Solstice Three Fold Golden Flame Meditation. In this meditation, we will connect with the womb of the mother and find ourselves re-birthed in a whole new way and awakening beyond belief! This year at Winter Solstice humanity is being given an incredible opportunity to move…

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Full Moon Golden Flame Meditation Wednesday, December 11th

Join us on this Golden Flame of Illumination meditation for an amazing adventure in boldness: choosing an unknown destination, and embarking on a soul quest. This is the final full moon of 2019 and the year’s energy of Awakening to Strength, as we ascend through the 13 Gateways of Awakened Consciousness. This year at Autumn Equinox on Mount Carmel in…

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A Special Christmas Gift For You

Walking the Pathway of the Heart CHRISTMAS SPECIAL worth $250 Dearest Joyous Journeyers, Let us walk the Pathway of the Heart feeding our souls. Let us embrace the mystical as we open ourselves to Awakened Consciousness, its thirteen steps for humanity and our planet on the journey of Ascension culminating at Winter Solstice 2023. To celebrate our 17 years of…

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Carcassonne and the Basilica of Saint Nazaire

We invite you to join us on this spiritual, inspirational and transformational journey to France. A land steeped in mysticism, lore and tradition of Mary Magdalene, the legends of the Holy Family, the Black Madonna, Saint Sarah, The Holy Grail, Cathars, Knights Templars and the healing power of Lourdes, the divine mother and its water, Chartres Cathedral and Paris. Enjoy…

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