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Sacred travel to ancient sites with Mystic and Spiritual Guide Finbarr Ross - experience the spiritual adventure of a lifetime...

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About Sacred Travel

Ancient temples, pyramids and churches were built on concreted mounds and reconstructed by succeeding civilizations. Held sacred through the ages for their special energies, people knew the land and focused their rites and ceremonies at these places to best align with the energies.

At Sacred Mystical Journeys, we travel to these ancient sites in search of spiritual adventure and transformation. Together, we visit stone circles, healing wells, sacred mountains and modern crop circles. We explore pilgrimage routes and ancient paths, connecting with these sacred energies wherever we go. We are walking the path of the mystics.

As we tour, our experienced guide Finbarr Ross shares his knowledge of the mysteries of these sacred places and the traditions that the people practiced. During sacred travel, you may feel a certain connection with the Gods, Goddesses, Druids, Fairies, Saints and others who have come before us.

With Sacred Mystical Journeys, the sacred travel experience of a lifetime awaits you!

  • Discover the Mysteries of Mary Magdalene, the Knights Templar, Cathars, and Black Madonna as we travel through France.
  • Connect with the Sacred Feminine energies of the Goddesses of Ireland on our special Goddess Tour, designed for women only.
  • Visit the Lost City of the Incas, Machu Picchu, high in the Andes of Peru. Included is a visit to a mystical Stargate, recently discovered near Lake Titicaca.
  • Uncover Celtic mysteries while traveling through the English, Scottish and Irish countrysides. Each country has its own, unique flavor and characteristics. These unique sacred travel trips can be done individually or in combination.
  • Learn about the beginnings of early Christianity, while visiting the home of Mother Mary and Rumi, as well as ancient gods and goddesses, on our spiritual tour to the Sacred Sites of Turkey.
  • Enjoy a private visit to the King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid, as we visit the mystical lands of Egypt, cruise the Nile, explore pyramids, and go on a camel ride.
  • For something out of the ordinary, try one of our specialized sacred tours, such as the Irish Castles and Gardens Tour or the Ghost Tour of Scotland.
  • Discover the holy temples of India with a trip that takes you to the Taj Mahal, the Sacred Ganges River, and throughout the temples of this holy land. Included is a boat ride on the Ganges and an elephant ride.

Our spiritual tours are led by an experienced guide familiar with the energies and special mysteries of each area. Finbarr has studied and worked with various spiritual traditions, and brings a wealth of knowledge and an added depth to the experience of the trip. On many of our sacred travel tours, we travel with a local guide as well, who knows the secrets and special places that other tour guides may not know.

Sacred travel with Sacred Mystical Journeys allows you to open to deeper parts of yourself and you may find deep connections. The sacred travel experience can serve as a spiritual awakening, an opening, an initiation or transition.

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