Sacred Mystical Journeys

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Finbarr Ross, Mystic and Spiritual Guide

Finbarr Ross is a mystic and facilitator of self-realization through awakening consciousness. Born in County Cork, Ireland, Finbarr grew up with Celtic roots in a family of seven children on a farm. Leaving home while in his teens, he made his way to Dublin and London where he began a successful career of more than two decades in insurance, finance and real estate. Following a move to the United States in 1983, Finbarr began a spiritual quest leading him to attend, and subsequently graduate, from Sancta Sophia Seminary with his ministerial license.

In 2002, Finbarr created a vehicle, Sacred Mystical Journeys, to facilitate personal and group travel to sacred power sites around the world. Tours to these sacred sites currently include Ireland, England, Scotland, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Sicily, Egypt, Peru, Turkey, Israel, India, Guatemala, Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia and Thailand. He describes these journeys as adventures, on behalf of the soul, which are spiritual intensives awakening consciousness, opening pathways of self-discovery and spiritual wisdom, and aiding in the Ascension process.

When not leading tours, Finbarr spends his time writing and leading workshops on Ascension and self-realization, emotional healing and empowerment, and forgiveness for ourselves through embracing our shadow side. Finbarr lectures on Celtic spirituality and the Divine Feminine, the Mary Magdalene and Grail legends, and facilitates his Divine Feminine Emotional Healing process.

As a mystic and facilitator, Finbarr’s work focuses on feeding the soul through the Ascension process, the Divine Feminine principles, unified consciousness and the second coming of Christ consciousness. He leads anchoring meditations with the three-fold golden flame which opens people’s hearts to the energies and vibrations of the new dispensation and the pathway of the heart.

In addition to his spiritually-focused work, he also owns Matrix Nutrients, a whole food vitamin and supplement company that supports the body not only in healing but in the ascension process as well.