Winter Solstice + Meditation, December 21st

Winter Solstice + Meditation, December 21st

Please join us on December 21st for our Winter Solstice Three Fold Golden Flame Meditation. In this meditation we will connect with the womb of the mother and find ourselves re birthed in a whole new way and awakening beyond belief! Winter Solstice + Meditation with the Three Fold Golden Flame, December 21st

Keynote: “Rebirth within my Self”

This Winter Solstice humanity is being given an incredible opportunity to move forward in consciousness through a major accelerated Ascension process which is Now taking place in the world and within each one of us. In 2022, our Awakened to Consciousness pathway/journey brings us Awakening to Balance in our lives and in the world within which we live. We are now living in a time of quantum shift within ourselves and our planet.

“Winter Solstice: Activating the New World Energy for 2022”

2021 was a year of incredible shift – change and transition as we opened up to the energies of awakened consciousness, to truth and justice.

The incoming energy of the now is bringing us the new vibration, frequency and energies of Awakening to Balance bringing with it many changes a paradigm shift in consciousness as we work to create balance and harmony within. It is a vibration and frequency which shifts our very being – opening us up to who we truly are, to our souls journey. These energies are now flooding our planet and humanity have the ability to create a veil shift and those who are stuck in the lower energies could well move through the veils to another dimension over the next three years. The incoming energies will create many challenges for people with lower vibrations and are stuck in greed and manipulation as the incoming energies are about transformation and transmuting of all energies and vibrations who do not serve humanity.

Winter Solstice is when Archangel Gabriel takes over as guardian of our planet from Archangel Michael for the next 3 months to Spring Equinox. It is the annunciation, the message, the birthing of new energies, a time when we take step forward in Ascension consciousness, a time when the mother goes deepest into the womb of the earth, and there rests for three days and co-mingles with the universal unified consciousness or Christ Consciousness. On December 24th, as the Sun moves again, a new consciousness is birthed.

At Winter Solstice the sun again turns northward after reaching its furthermost southern destination. There are many festivities taking place around the world today and tonight. In ancient times we had the Hebrew Festival of Lights and they dedicated their alters to the new light of the world. It celebrated the Birth of the Sun inaugurating it new growth cycle.

Each year we have the birthing of the Cosmic Christ at winter solstice. As the earth and humanity are made ready for new beginnings a higher level of evolution. It I a time when the planet is given a spiritual impulse that adds to its light and strengthens the love principle in the heart of all men and women.

In each of the four sacred festivals solstices and equinoxes celestial beings flood the planet with divine radiance and at this time compassionate ones come into incarnation to guide humanity to the Temple Sanctuaries of Cosmic light.

Each Solstice and Equinox is connected to our Chackras – Winter Solstice is connected with Chackra 2 and 11 – it is associated with messaging that awakens us to the science of liberating the soul. The Essenes associate Winter Solstice with baptism, purifying the waters of relationship associated with purity, the healing science of healing.

At winter solstice in Rome it was celebrated as the feast of Saturnalia with a mystic marriage dramatizing the the marriage of the earth and the sun. This ceremony represented the new birth initiation.

In Egypt winter solstice was celebrated with pageantry rendering homage to Mother Isis and her new born son Horus.

In Greece winter Solstice was by song in the key of Capricorn to the accompaniment of the flute . When the cock crowed neophytes descended with lighted torches to an underground chapel to pay homage to the babe.

It was also known as the festival of Inner Light.

From our Poet we share.
Above the voices of the world
We hear the angels song
Amid the hate and greed of war
We know that Love is strong
For Long ago God dreamed a dream
Of peace and good will to men/women
He knows men/women will remember
and dream his dream again.

At Winter Solstice 2012 we were given the gift of Awakened Consciousness, taking us into the fifth dimension. At this time humanity was given the incredible opportunity to walk through 13 gateways, with the final gateway being at winter solstice 2023 preparing us for the events of 2025.

At winter Solstice each year a new energy, vibration and frequency is birthed for the up coming year.

2013 Awakened Consciousness
2014 Awakening to the Soul’s Journey
2015 Awakening to Our Own Divinity
2016 Awakening to Clarity
2017 Awakening to Wisdom
2018 Awakening to Beauty
2019 Awakening to Strength
2020 Awakening to Group Consciousness
2021 Awakening to Empowerment
2022 Awakening to Balance

As you look at the theme for each year we see how humanity and our planet has shifted in consciousness each year as each of these energies were birthed.

These steps in awakened consciousness/ascension/climbing of Jacob’s Ladder has each of us and our planet pulsating as it filters into the hearts and minds of an awakened humanity. Each year we keep growing in conscious awareness as we peel away the layers of restriction as we open ourselves up to mystical experiences taking place in our life. We are really about the bridging of the worlds.

It is for each of us to understand that there are various levels of consciousness and it is for us to open up to these aspects and levels of consciousness. AS we open up out central channel with the breath we find that we integrate various aspects of ourselves.

Remember if you say I love you and I worry about you they are two different vibrations.

Love is love

Worry is a very different vibration

Love is the closest thing to pure light.

You can always call forth a greater vibration for of love with your intentions and availability to the light. You are a temple of divine love and you can create sacred moments in your life. The temple that we are emanates out into the world and because you are so special you need to nurture and take care of yourself because it will not come from outside of you.

As we resonate with the golden flame of illumination within our hearts our new state of consciousness ignites our inner knowing, we are awakened further by meditation with the Threefold Golden Flame for the betterment of ourselves, humanity, and our planet.

The shift begins with an Inner Knowing that we are all One and that there is no separation. As we now enter a year major energetic shift as we reclaim our power, as we do this we find balance, peace, healing and abundance in our lives. As we quest and embrace the ascension process, we realize that we are all interconnected and interrelated; that we are Cosmic beings of light, the builders of the new dawn following our soul’s divine pathway.

This upcoming year is a year of major shift for humanity, it is the year we reclaim the power we had chosen to give away and it was abused and now we seek balance.

Join me on the 21st as we reclaim the power (the balance) of who we are!

Thank you for all that you do as you quest and ponder each day.

Blessings, love and light.


Chakra Wisdom + Meditation with The Golden
Flame of Illumination, December 15th

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