Wesak Festival Full Moon Meditation Telecall

Wesak Festival Full Moon Meditation Telecall

Keynote: “I see and when the Eye is opened, all is light.”

Wesak: Highlight of the Spiritual Year
Inner Group Work at Wesak
Building upon the Seed Planted in Aries
Taurus, Sound and The Invocation of the Omega Point
Taurus, Music and Art
The Externalization of the Hierarchy in 2025 – At the Wesak Festival, Buddha and his co-creator, the Christ, come together to step down the available spiritual energy to the Masters and to the human family to aid in its goal of enlightenment.

Every year there is an emphasis upon the importance of the first three spiritual festivals: in the zodiac sign of Aries, Taurus and Gemini – because of the extraordinary opportunity afforded to all those who are awakened conscious servers of The Plan. The opportunity at any full moon festival is to link and work subjectively in meditation with other co-workers and groups around the planet. This can take place over five days – 2 days before/after full moon day, but for most participants, the 24-hour period before and after the time is the most potent period to make a contribution.

Buddha represents wisdom, just as Christ represents love. These two major wayshowers have served the East and the West, bringing ideas of enlightenment and Christ-Consciousness to humanity. Christ-Consciousness (unified consciousness) is a blending of the energies of heart and mind–or love-wisdom, as it is sometimes called.

We need to grasp that the Wesak festival happens currently. Spiritual teachings say this event actually occurs in the Wesak Valley in the Himalayas annually at the Taurus Full Moon….

This festival binds past, present, East and West, orthodox and unorthodox, love and wisdom for the preparation of humanity in the golden age of harmony.

When the Buddha appears, he blesses the water–charging it and all present with spiritual force that they too may find their way to enlightenment.

Buddha passes the energy of wisdom, his blessings to humanity. Christ receives the energy in the name of humanity and in turn distributes it to all present. Think of this as the Christ issuing wisdom and love to the Mystical Christ within each human attuned to the event.

This year it is an amazing time as we have 6 Planets in Retrograde!

So expect the unexpected in this the year of awakening to clarity.

When Mars goes retro on April 17th joined by Mercury retrograde on April 28th there will be five planets in retrograde, for the first time in a decade. Six will be in retrograde if you include Juno. This will be a very potent scenario, and many of you may feel stuck and out of sync… Watch for the dance you could be taken on as you spin and feel that everything is way out of sync.

The six planetary retro timings:

Mars April 17th thru June 29th
Mercury April 28th thru May 22nd
Jupiter January 7th thru May 9th
Saturn March 25th thru Aug 13th
Pluto April 18th thru Sept 26th
Juno Mar 2nd thru June 22nd

It is very important to understand that when multiple planets are in retrograde at the same time, there is an over-bleeding, so hang on to your hats as you are entering the Cosmic Energetic Explosion with the most intense time being April 28th thru May 9th. Don’t forget we are still feeling the effects of the eclipses we have just gone through and they are still working through us and within us.

If you want to read more about the planets in retrograde and the best gemstones to use please click on the link here and read all about what James Tyberonn has to say…

In conclusion:
Make a concerted effort to think positive; exercise and meditate! Things will look brighter the sooner you apply positive focus! As Edgar Cayce stated, human will is stronger than any astrological force. By being aware of astrological gravities it is easier to understand the surface tendencies related to them, and thus circumnavigate around and beyond them. And be aware that retrogrades (and all astrological alignments) have a positive as well as concerning aspect. And to close, remember nothing is happening that is not without divine purpose. This extraordinary phase, while relentless & exasperating on one level, can also be extraordinarily prolific in providing opportunities for growth, in resolving karmic issues, and can result in a massive transformation and quantum up-shift in the higher evolution of humanity both on the individual and mass levels.

Blessings, love and peace,


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