Safety Issues when Traveling in Egypt

Safety Issues when Traveling in Egypt

I have to tell you Egypt is a very safe place to travel in, the people are very loving and welcoming. I was in all the places that we see on TV as being major trouble spots and I saw no disturbances in my 14 days in Egypt.

Yes. the people are suffering badly by the drop off in tourism which was their number one money earner. It’s just like the problems of low tourism and bad press that Ireland suffered in the 1970’s due to the problems in Northern Ireland. I met Christian and Muslim alike, they were are all saddened by the drop off in tourism but they have hope-filled hearts now that they have had their resurrection to a bright future.

With all the bad press in the US, I’ve asked SIT, our Ground Agents in Egypt, for some testimonials of people who have recently been to Egypt on their tours. Here’s what they say:

November 28, 2011

“Good morning to you both! It’s Sunday afternoon, November 27, 2011. Our “jetlag” is over and I want to thank-you and STI for a FABULOUS trip to Egypt and Jordan. My husband Jim and I have traveled quite a bit but we have never had such a passionate tour guide as we had with Ayman. He is a total joy to be with, and his passion and knowledge of Egypt has opened our eyes to history as he made it so real! We have both been researching timelines and delving into the history of Egypt since we returned home on the 24th!

“We have so many fond memories of Egypt and the warm welcoming of its citizens. We resent how our news media are portraying the demonstration/protests as if it is occurring all over! It is confined to a small location in downtown Cairo. At no time did we ever feel threatened or scared. Everyone at the hotels and the various sites we visited were welcoming and friendly. We are making it our personal goal to educate our clients and friends not to believe what they are seeing on TV!

“We will be planning another visit to Egypt (with STI of course!), after all we still have so much more to see and experience. If you have anyone that is on the fence about traveling to Egypt, I would be happy to “hold their hand” and share my experiences!

“Thanks again to all of the staff at STI and especially Aymen for such a special time!”

Mary V Marks

Accent Travel and Cruises, Ltd.

November 11, 2011

“This trip exceded my expectations!! I have had a passion for Egypt since I was a little girl so when I got engaged, we decided to go to Egypt for our honeymoon. I am SOO HAPPY I went with STI for our tour. All of the staff from the transfer crew, drivers and tour guides were amazing. We had Ayman as our guide in Cairo and he was great. You can totally see the love and pride this man has for his country, it shines through when he speaks, whether it’s about a 4000 year-old pyramid or about the kind of cars that are in Egypt. We were so lucky to have him as our tour guide.”

“Our guide from Luxor to Aswan was Tamer, he too was amazing, he also spoke very highly of his home town (Luxor) and the pride just shown though all he told us. Over all I will ONLY USE STI, we never doubted how we were getting from the airport to the hotel or whereever we were going, as we ALWAYS had a representative meet us. The first thing I did when we got back to New York was call our representative Jane (and my new friend) and tell her we plan on going back in 2 years time for our anniversary!! I truly believe that by using STI-travel our honeymoon was made even more speical. Both myself and my husband are totally excited to go back to this amazing country!!!”

Jason and Stephanie Waring

I’ve personally been on two tours in Egypt this year, and highly recommend it for anyone. Egypt needs us and we need her!