The Soul and Evolution, December 29th

The Soul and Evolution, December 29th

Keynote: “Lost am I in light supernal and on that light I turn my back.” 

The Holy Days, our festive holiday season, are a time that stirs our Souls Evolution and awakens us to the next cycle of awakening. Join us for The Soul and Evolution December 29th.

Consciousness is expanding, and you are playing a role in that, as you are also expanding consciousness. Our task is to discover how to maintain that stability – to be present in the NOW – as we walk life’s pathways into circumstances and family dynamics that we previously been a stabilizing force which are now no longer available.

The holidays are the Holy Days when the vibrations of nature are on our side. The stars align so that the energy present on the earth which at this time is most illuminated. It is the birthing and emerging of the highest frequency at this time of year, as our ability to stay in alignment is supported as we realize as we work with the energies that are awakening.

So live in Love – Live Love out – don’t just think about love. So as we quest each day don’t pontificate about love. Live into it.

“We live into it,” means we speak into the things that need to be spoken into. Not to teach anyone a lesson but to share. Share even if it hurts our heart when there’s distance between you. Share if you would love to connect more authentically and more often. Share love for what is working, too.

We do it by leading. We go first.

We are in a time of great shift and the Hierarchy await Humanity to exercise its own free will one way or the other. A choice by Humanity, must take place as a global response to the current crisis over the coming year; this is a great test in awakening which the Hierarchy has,
I believe, foreseen and allowed to happen. They cannot interfere with human free will, only guide and inspire.

Capricorn is the sign in which initiates an inaugurated of a new cycle of effort, this effort can be in connection with the individual man or with the initiate. Effort, strain, struggle, the fight with the forces native to the underworld, or the strenuous conditions entailed by the tests of discipleship or initiation—these are distinctive of experience in Capricorn.

The “flourishing of maya” has occurred and is still controlling us, with regard to media propaganda about Coronavirus – as distinct from Scorpio’s higher expression for disciples on the path – “Warrior am I and from the battle I emerge triumphant!” The world is still in the thick of the battle – but “emerging triumphant” from this global illusion is still on the horizon, and will be spearheaded by each of is in 2021. In doing so, we Awaken to Empowerment within ourselves and humanity as a whole.

I look forward to seeing you on the 29th at 7:00 MNT.


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The Soul and Evolution + Full Moon Meditation with
Golden Flame of Illumination – December 29th

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