Saint Rita of Cascia and Mystical Italy

Saint Rita of Cascia and Mystical Italy

Travel with us to experience the shrine of Saint Rita of Cascia, the Patron Saint of the Impossible, where her body has remained incorrupt and is venerated to this day. Saint Rita is also the saint who appeared to John of God when he was only eight years old.

Cascia is situated in the beautiful green hills of Umbria, about 60 miles north of Rome. This small town is known for its association with Saint Rita.

Many people travel from all over the world each year to Cascia, to pay homage to Saint Rita and experience the mysticism of her final resting place, where many ongoing miracles are reported to have occurred. The Basilica of Saint Rita contains beautiful artwork on the walls and ceiling, and houses important relics including the very Crucifix from which she received the Stigmata.

Cascia is an amazing place that will touch our hearts as we quest Sacred Italy. I invite you to witness and experience all that Cascia has to offer.

Blessings, love and light,


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