New Year’s Eve Meditation with the Three Fold Golden Flame

New Year’s Eve Meditation with the Three Fold Golden Flame

This year at Winter Solstice humanity was given an incredible opportunity to move forward in consciousness through the accelerated Ascension process. In 2016, our Awakened Consciousness journey brings us Awakening to Clarity.

At Winter Solstice, 2012, we were given the gift of Awakened Consciousness taking us into the fifth dimension.

2013 Awakened Consciousness
2014 Awakening to the Souls Journey
2015 Awakening to Our Own Divinity

These steps in awakened consciousness/ascension/climbing of Jacobs Ladder has our planet pulsating as it filters into the hearts and minds of an awakened humanity. As we resonate within our hearts our new state of consciousness which ignites our inner knowing, we are awakened further by anchoring within ourselves through meditation the Three Fold Golden Flame for the betterment of ourselves, our community, humanity and peace on earth.

This will be the third opportunity people will have to share in the Three Fold Golden Flame meditation which will help accelerate the shift in consciousness.

The shift begins with an Inner Knowing that we are all One and there is No separation. As we embrace our Shadow Side, which we must do to find peace and abundance in our lives as we quest the ascension process, we realize that we are all interconnected and interrelated. We are one with the beggar on the street, we are one with our anger, with all those suppressed aspects of ourselves that we do not want to look at, but now as we enter our Awakening to Clarity, we are given the opportunity to go within and embrace all these aspects of ourselves so that we can move forward in conscious awareness of our Oneness.

We are the builders of the New Dawn, we are the beacons of light all joining together to let love flow forth from every heart as we embrace the pathway of the heart and the feminine principle.

As we acknowledge the Feminine Principle within, we walk the Pathway of the Heart; we embrace the Golden Flame that burns within each of us. So let us move forward in Awakening to Clarity as this vibrational energy emanates out through the high heart we can bring about change in the world. It is through the Divine Feminine we find peace/balance/Oneness. So let us embrace the Oneness as we meditate together on New Year’s Eve so that we are immersed in and embrace Oneness in 2016.

Thank you for all that you do as you quest each day bringing so much light, love and peace to our world.

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