Revealing the Power of Self + Meditation

Revealing the Power of Self + Meditation

We each love the New Year because it’s the perfect time to start anew.

A time to get clear on what is working in our life, and what things are in store for us and we want to create in 2022!

As we quest the pathway of life of Awakening to Balance, we come to understand that Life is not about seeking, it is about revealing our true magnificence. As we reflect upon our life’s journey and how we are here to evolve in this lifetime. Asking our self as we delve deep within “What is it I am here to actualize to evolve to”. What is here for us to reveal what is tucked away in duality in darkness, which is where awareness takes place so we can embrace the rest of who we are.

As we walk the pathway of the 12 Holy Days until January 6th, a period in time of embracing each powerful opportunity and a time to receive and to accept.

We are being invited to open ourselves up to a bigger perspective by embracing and accepting what might feel challenging or uncomfortable to each of us. Stepping into the wholeness of “Who I Am”, of our being we can no longer hold those worlds of light and darkness as separate from each other. You come to understand and recognize that you can not do it wrong, you can only take longer route to consciously revealing the Essential Self. As you learn to trust and embody the Self, you begin to step into your creative essence of who you are and live as you are intended to live – as a Creator.

Remember there is a different quality to that degree of acceptance that comes from a knowing and understanding of what you are and what is happening.

This is your time to awaken to balance to shine. Awakening to the truth of you is that you are consciousness itself It is your awakened moment to come forth as the golden light that you are and weave into all aspects of your life.

I look forward to seeing you Wednesday, January 5th as you join with our spiritual community, The Village at Montrose, a place of inspiration and empowerment opening us up to the beauty of who we are as we walk the pathway of the heart. 

Blessings, love and light,


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Revealing the Power of Self + Meditation Golden Flame of Illumination, January 5th

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