I am in deep shock.

I am in deep shock.

I am in deep shock as I read in social media all of the intolerance, hate, negativity and fear that is being expressed. I ask myself as I glance at all of this, have we abandoned our spiritual path, our true self ? Are we no longer walking the pathway of the heart? Have we forgotten that we are beings of Light, Temples of the Divine Light of the Mother!?

What is spiritual about intolerance, judgment, fear and negativity? Are we working our way into total chaos!!?

Have we forgotten the ancient wisdom teachings, universal law and the law of One?

Have we forgotten the pathway we are traveling, that we are in end times which brings with it a time of resurrection and a new dawn? We have now left behind the Piscean Age and moved into the Age of the Water Bearer.

Let’s look at how we got here and where we are going!

In 1987 we had Harmonic Convergence which was the end of an age and the beginning of a new age at which time the universe made a shift in evolution and consciousness. At that time our spiritual maturity was measured to see if we could move humanity forward or go deeper into decline. So with the decision made to move forward, the magnetic grid changed, starting at Harmonic Convergence and ending with winter solstice 2012. At that time we moved into the fifth dimension and we are now in a time of a new Earth as the crystalline grid opens up with all its stored energy and information. We are asked to connect with the consciousness of nature and the earth to have our life completely supported. We are experiencing planetary changes… changes within Humanity… changes within oneself.

If Fear controls us, we cannot expand. If we allow the light to shine in our life we will burn through it.

Life is a journey of healing and transformation.

When we are in perfect alignment with our spiritual nature there are no problems, no fear to hold us back, because fear is an illusion created by our own thought forms.

Life is a journey of awareness, and each day as we take the steps that support us we move forward in consciousness and ascension.

Our higher self has the memory of all our lifetimes and our higher self becomes us as we come to understand that God is within us and our connection to nature.

Unity is in all things because how I treat you is a reflection of me and how I treat me.

We are part of the collective and as we move forward we understand our avatar consciousness, our Unity Consciousness, Unified Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, Divine Feminine Consciousness.

With this awareness we become a witness without judgment, without fear, without hatred, without intolerance, without malice, detached in a way we understand, we observe.
We awaken the power (balance) and awareness within our self.

Thus when we send out energy to a situation, we witness as we do it, knowing it will go where it is most needed.

The age of the crystalline energy of creation which we are now living in comes with information that serves us.

Ascension happens through energetic and consciousness shifts.
It has taken us two thousand years of gestation to reach this point since the Christ Consciousness or Unified Consciousness was birthed upon earth. The old ways are falling away and as in any birth/death it can be painful and chaos may reign, but ultimately all will be well as we breath new life. Now is the time of the second coming and that is happening within each one of us spiritual beings. It is for each of us to understand that there is no such person as Jesus Christ also known as Jesus of Narazeth. There is no Mr. Christ, Jesus was a man and Christ is a consciousness which Jesus brought to ground on earth. This consciousness has been abused for the past two thousand years by various religions who did not teach or practice the message. It was used to control through fear and judgment. We are now at the time of a new birth (the second coming), the spiritual birth which is taking place within each of us, as the energy of the golden flame – that spiritual energy that burns within each of us – the flame of love, without reservation, vibrates within our hearts and emanate out into the world.

At winter solstice 2012 our planet and each of us entered a new phase. As we entered the energy of the fifth dimension, that brought with it thirteen steps for humanity to walk through and also thirteen inter dimensional gateways for our planet to go through, the final one being at winter solstice in 2023.

Two thousand and twenty-four will be a year of integration and balance and 2025 will see us experiencing the externalization of the hierarchy.

This year, 2017, we are going through the sixth step which is Awakening to Wisdom – our belief system, what do we believe in? Are we in negativity or love and light?

So let us review what has brought us to this point of chaos, fear and negativity.

2016: was the year of Awakening to Clarity – it asked us to look at our shadow. Some did, some did not and just continued on their merry way, but the fifth step of Awakening to Clarity had other ideas. We had the presidential race with all its chaos and the Donald won. (Whatever you may feel, that is a fact.) Did we ever think or look deeply as to why the Donald won, because it is as plain as the nose on our face, and was evident during the campaign. It was there in the ancient wisdom teachings for all to see, in the universal laws of attraction, cause and effect, vibration, belief and conscious creation, and it was there in droves if one looked at the energetic meaning of the Seven Rays and their function on the planet today. I will not go into an in-depth writing about the Seven Rays but sufficient for each of us to understand. ( more on this later)

If one looks at all of this, one will see that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. With our physical ascension it includes releasing and clearing old energy patterns of dis-ease and limitations that affect us physically and holds us back from being able to express our magnificence and the true potential of our soul. It is a bit like emotional karmic clearing, but it is the clearing of the energy distortions that are affecting the physical body. The path to enlightenment includes not only the shadow search for divine light but also the acceptance of the shadow self. It is about acknowledging the power of the spoken word and how we use these words. Each word we speak, depending on its tone or vibration, can be of love or destruction, depending on the context we use it in. If it is in anger it can have a devastating effect not only on ourselves but on those receiving it. It opens us up to negativity – it creates separation, not oneness. As we climb the ladder of ascension/evolution we need to be consciously aware to be as impeccable as possible with our words and vibrations, be them written or spoken.
Remember every time we go into negativity our vibration drops and our love energy diminishes.

With this awareness we become a witness, without judgment, without fear, without hatred, without intolerance, without malice, detached in a way we understand. We awaken the power (balance) and awareness within our self.

With this awareness we consciously understand the world about us. We become observers without judgment and we become a positive force in the world by sending the love vibration out into the world from the golden flame of love that burns so intently within our hearts as temples of Light.

 Ray One – The Lord of Will and Power:

This is a Being/Entity that Wills to Love and uses Power as an expression of Divine Love.
Its Task is to destroy outmoded forms, so new ones can be created; ones that will ‘continue to reveal God’s power and beauty’.

Ray One embodies the ‘dynamic idea of God’.
Ray One, will and power, breaks up the old forms that no longer serve humanity, it is very focused. It uses the expression of Divine Love to destroy outmoded forms.

So if one looks at 2016 and what happened in one’s own life (the shadow) and we look at the election we will see that the shadow of America was brought out into the light.

The Republican Party was disintegrated (outmoded form) and now they need to re look at who they are and what they stand for, what they want to be when they grow up, because the old ways are no longer working. The Christian right are the tail wagging the dog.
The Donald threw a major spanner in the works, he was not of the political establishment and with this spanner all began to crumble (outmoded form) and looking at the health care fiasco it looks like they still have not gotten it together yet and they will not until they start to serve humanity and become awake and aware that old ways are done. They are there to serve the people not the multinationals and the Donald will also need to learn this. Watch and allow the energies to do their job, you can be a positive part and add your light to the forces of Light bringing forth the new vibration or you can stay in negativity and chaos.

Remember we are in the birthing of a new era where the old outmoded ways of doing things are crumbling, just as technology has advanced, so now is humanity stepping forward vibrationally. Be a positive force for vibrational change, let your light shine.

Just so we are clear I did not vote for the Donald, I am an observer from outside the box and watch with great interest as I see all the things unfold that the wisdom teachings tell us will happen. It is about being a witness without judgment, fear, hatred, intolerance or malice, emotionally detached in a way I understand from the teachings about being a bridge person, holding space.

The same goes for the Democratic Party, they need to get their act together as they too were disintegrated and demolished from within by misreading the whole election. They are in chaos as they too work on who they are and what they stand for. Looking at how they got it so wrong and how they lost touch with their supporters through neglect and indifference over the years. Now the chicken has come home to roost; all outmoded ways are out the window and will they either embrace the opportunity or stay mired like the Republicans.

Remember, the Donald was the face of change for all who felt that they had been forgotten by Washington, as few people believe in our politicians any more, and feel they have failed the people. So along comes the Donald offering hope/change to all those people who felt disenfranchised in America. He was hope and promised change, so the people gravitated to that vibration.

I am using the whole political situation so that each of us can see spiritually what is happening in our own world and the greater world about us. Where has compassion and understanding gone? Where has looking within for answers gone?

If you go to Europe, you have chaos in the UK with the UK leaving the EU, again a vibration for change and a backlash by the people against politicians and major corporations like Big Pharma, and the Chemical companies, etc. who are dictating through Brussels, where they have a major lobby and the man in the street is forgotten, but, when given the choice, said “no more, we want out.”

This year 2017 is about Awakening to Wisdom. What is wisdom? It is our belief system. We are asked to look at our belief system. What we believe is what we manifest in our lives. An essential truth to the Law of Attraction is that each thought we have has a magnetic frequency. So it is for each of us to become the gatekeepers of our thoughts. It is for each of us to substitute “Believe” for “Think”, belief generates reality. Our life’s experiences can change our belief system through conscious awareness. Wisdom is within. All of us seek and desire wisdom greater than our own. Seek and you will find, and we will find it hidden inside of each of us. Sadly, that is often the last place we look because it takes work. The divine interface between God and Humanity is within our subconscious. The subconscious mind is the part of us that is God. That part of our greater self that contains the knowledge/wisdom of “all that is”; the part of us that contain the akashic records, the soul memory of everything throughout the ages.

Ray Two – The Lord of Love and Wisdom

It is the embodiment of Pure Love and instills into ALL life forms the quality of Love. It is referred to as the MASTER BUILDER…who takes the ‘dynamic idea of God’ embodied by Ray One and formulated the Plan for constructing it (like a draftsman /architect’s plans). The Blueprint or the Mother from which everything grows! Ray Two is very active in the world. We are here to learn Love/Wisdom thinking with the heart and living with the mind. As our vibrations change, so does dis-ease. Ray Two is the draftsman/architect of the new form and new consciousness.

Ray Three – The Lord of Abstract Intelligence and Adaptability

Ray Three is more closely linked with the 7th cosmic plane/matter. It works in close cooperation with Ray Two. This lord constitutes the active building force that starts the building or construction that eventually materialize the ‘dynamic idea and purpose of God’. Ray Three is the builder of the plans created by Ray Two – it creates new forms – the adapter – not afraid. We are the builders of new forms by our vibrations we send out into the world.

Ray Four – Harmony Through Conflict

Its function is the creation of Beauty, basing the design on the Divine Plan. It is essentially a healing Ray, as it brings all forms into perfection through the power of the inner life/soul. Ray Four cultivates Divine independence.

Ray Five – The Lord of Concrete Knowledge and Science

This great life is a pure creative channel for the Divine Will. Ray Five is is a being of intense spiritual light, through its quality of higher mind. In this Fifth Ray, heart and mind must eventually and naturally reveal each other.  (i.e.: We must think with our hearts and love with our minds).

Ray Six – The Lord of Devotion and Idealism

This great being expresses a militant focusing upon an ideal, a one-pointed devotion to the intent, and a divine sincerity. Most of the world is Ray Six: fanatic religious beliefs filling the people with fear, judgmentalness, intolerance, creeping fascism, hatred, and jealousy.
Fanatical Priests/Ministers are the lord of devotion and idealism and now all of this vibration is leaving our world as Ray 7 comes in. This is the last hurrah, the end times where all fanatical religious beliefs come into fear and lash out as they perceive threats from all people who do not believe as they do. Ray Six is a dying Ray.

Ray Seven – Lord of Ceremonial Order or Magic

This Lord builds through the power of thought/belief and makes a person delight in all things done decently and in order. Ray Seven is most active in this world period, the builders of the new dawn. We are watching the old vibrations die away as we embrace the new and open our hearts with delight, allowing the golden flame to touch all we meet, greet and contact each day. The vibration of LOVE. Lots Of Vital Energy.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of ancient teachings out there spelling out what is happening in our world. We have all of the answers within ourselves if we would only take the time to stop and go within. I ask each of us to be consciously awake and aware; to look and investigate, to leave our emotions at the door, to stop for a moment, to think before we post or say something to another person that may cause hurt or create injury to their vibration/belief. Think how would we feel if someone posted or said some very negative or did nasty things to us. What does that do to bring love and peace to our world? Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. Remember to remember who you are. Stand outside the box, look and observe, and a great awareness will dawn.

Through our actions we inspire and empower, we become great teachers opening the pathway of the heart that takes us to the next level of awareness.

I would like to share three pieces of wisdom with you.


I am the fountain of Light
I am the Truth
I am all Consciousness
I am all Being
I am the spirit of Love, deep unconditional and forever
My gift to the Light which is around me is the spark of life
I carry it freely, generously, in purity of the Soul
And thus it shall be for ever and ever.

The Invocation of the Omega Point

Know, O Universe, that I love You with all the Grace,
And with All the Power of the Love of Messiah…(self)
That my awareness is Eternally caressing all Forms of Reality,
Sharing this Bliss in the most Beautiful and Creative

Let my Heart be possessed by the Spirit of Truth.
Let my Existence be Dedicated to the enlightenment of All
Consciousness throughout the Universe! Let my Enthusiasm be
A Light of Love and Truth for all to Feel. Oh Let my Touch
Be the Highest Manifestation for the Will Divine.

Let my every Action transform this Reality into Greater
And more Loving Perfections! Let my body be
The Most Sacred Temple of Truth! The Omega Point is Here!
Clarity of Vision has bee Redeemed throughout the Universe.


In the beginning.
in the beginning GOD.
In the beginning God created Heaven and Earth,
and God said let there be Light and there was Light.
Now is the time of the New Beginning.
I am a co-creator with God and it is a new Heaven that comes,
as the good will of God is expressed on Earth through me.
It is the kingdom of Light, Love and Peace and Understanding.
And I am doing my part to reveal this Reality.
I begin with me. I am a living soul and the spirit of God dwells in me, as me.
I and the Father are One, and all that the Father has is mine.
IN TRUTH, I AM THE CHRIST OF GOD. (I am divine consciousness)
What is true of me is true of everyone, for God is all and all is God.
I see only the spirit of God in every soul.
And to every man, woman and child on Earth I say:
I love you, for you are me. You are my Holy Self.
I now open my heart, and let the pure essence of Unconditional Love pour out.
I see it as a Golden Light radiating from the centre of my Being
and I feel its Divine vibration in and through me, above and below me
I am one with the Light. I am filled with the Light.
I am illumined by the Light. I am the Light of the world.
With purpose of mind, I send forth the Light.
I let the radiance go before me to join the other Lights.
I know this is happening all over the world at this moment.
I see the Lights. There is now One Light. We are the Light of the world.
The One Light of Love, Peace and Understanding is moving.
It flows across the face of the Earth.
Touching and illuminating every soul in the shadow of illusion.
And where there was darkness, there is now the Light of Reality.
And the radiance grows, permeating, saturating every form of life.
There is only one vibration of one Perfect Life now.
All the kingdoms of Earth respond and the planet is alive with Light and Love.
There is total Oneness, and in Oneness we speak the word.
Let the separation be dissolved. Let mankind be returned to Godkind.
Let peace come forth in every mind. Let love flow forth from every heart.
Let forgiveness reign in every soul. Let understanding be the common bond.
And now from the Light of the world, the One Presence and Power of the Universe responds.
The activity of God is healing and harmonising. Planet Earth.
Omnipotence is made manifest.
I am seeing the salvation of the planet before my very eyes,
as all false beliefs and error patterns are dissolved.
The sense of separation is no more;
the healing was taken place, and the world is restored to sanity.
This is the beginning of Peace on Earth and Good Will toward all,
as love flows forth from every heart, forgiveness reigns in every soul,
and all hearts and minds are one in perfect understanding.
It is Done. And It Is So.
John Randolph Price

I believe in……Opening the pathway of the heart to the next level of Awakened Consciousness……
A world where we carry the vibration of love.

Thank you for taking the time to be in Oneness.

Blessings, love and peace,