Repeating Cycles, Seeing The Old With New Eyes

Repeating Cycles, Seeing The Old With New Eyes

We are again experiencing a in a time of great shifts within each of us calling us to look at the gentle love of our Archangels that surround and nurtures us as we work with communication and creativity in our relationships and our community.

Our pathway on earth has been an expression of our desire to fulfill the vision of our soul purpose to a point where we are resonating with the creative powers of expression. We are being asked to honor our personal truth with our life choices.

We are experiencing the sensation of repeating cycles of experiences in our personal lives. We may find ourselves revisiting places we used to frequent or meeting the people we used to know. These experiences may appear unchanged but your acquiescence to existing within them has evolved. Take a moment to ponder how you have transformed, and reexamine your expectations as you quest. The gift of creativity is supporting your intuition.

Listen to your inner urgings, do not lose the strength of your intuitive voice. Do not be distracted by others from your chosen pathway as every individual has a unique perspective to offer, each of these are equally important to the growth of the soul. Respect the inner voice and make a decision to work with it.

We are being urged to look at the new opportunities in this world of transition that are now presenting themselves with an increased awareness of light and commitment.  Be open to the expanded awareness within the intimacy of personal relationships. Be aware of the fullness of love and wisdom that one can now share, without limitation, emanating from your soul and bringing with it the light of infinite power and clarity, a living expression of your connection which can be drawn on at any time.

With this connection as an integrated part of your physical presence, you will only create healthy inter-dependant relationships – relationships in which the gifts of all parties flourish and so hold the balance that is needed at this time. A time when we are being asked to be, to go within and hold the balance as the old structures crumble and we, from our place of transparency, compassion and balance are the builders of the new form, we are the foundation upon which all new structures will be built.

Blessings, love and peace,