October Full Moon Meditation

October Full Moon Meditation

Keynote: “Warrior am I and from the battle I emerge triumphant.”

In this time of awakened consciousness, part of our process is to build a bridge between the old ways of doing things and the new dispensation so that we can ascend further along Jacob’s Ladder.

It is our task to be builders of the new dawn and to bring light to all situations in the world as the old falls away (all that no longer serves humanity) and help with being the building bricks upon which our future of peace, love and joy emanates out through each of us.

We are being summoned at this time to stand as light workers above the Maya and claim our divinity as we quest our soul’s journey. Walking the emerald pathway of the heart, allowing the Golden Flame to infuse us with light, we can cross the threshold where we think with our heart.

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