Spirit of Place

Spirit of Place

Crystal Lake near Ouray Colorado, the former retreat of the St. Germain Foundation in 1940s

Spirit of Place is the bridge where earth meets spirit. Where this occurs, opportunity abounds, and essence is revealed… we become portals of being, bringing love, compassion, beauty, and a multitude of divine qualities into this world. It is a place where one feels a deep connection and resonance, where one feels inspired, empowered, supported and honored on a heart, soul and even cellular level. It is where you feel at home, alive, expansive and connected to all that is. It is in the invisible woven into culture thru stories, art, memories, beliefs, histories.

“The spirit, or soul, of place is also referred to as the unique, distinctive and cherished aspects of a place; often those celebrated by artists and writers, but also those cherished in folk tales, festivals and celebrations.” (Wikipedia)

The true essence that Spirit of Place embodies is the perfect, divine alchemy:


Earth is our collective home. The Earth Mother provides for our every need. She inspires us with her beauty. She knows how to live in balance and harmony. We can learn much from her through observation, connection, and communication with nature.


Spirit is the essence that animates all of creation. Everything is alive, sacred, and infused with spirit. Spirit is our essential nature. We can tap into essential nature for guidance, wisdom, love, and a multitude of divine qualities and share them with the world.


Everything is connected. Every life form serves a purpose. We are in a relationship with the natural world. One thing affects another and actions have a cascading effect. When we stop to consider how our choices and actions affect all those in our sphere of influence, we have an opportunity to make conscious and life-supporting decisions.

The Roman term for spirit of place was Genius loci, by which it is sometimes still referred. This has often been historically envisaged as a guardian animal or a small supernatural being (puck, fairy, elf, and the like) or a ghost. In the developed world, these beliefs have been, for the most part, discarded.

The western cultural movements of Romanticism and Neo-romanticism are often deeply concerned with creating cultural forms that ‘re-enchant the land’, in order to establish or re-establish a spirit of place.

Tor at Glastonbury

The Druids believed that finding and establishing a connection to the spirits of place is integral for nature, both the physical world and human nature are an essential part of the practice.  The Druids seeked to find an honorable relationship with the natural world, with the stones and trees, the waterways, the hedgehogs under the bushes in the backyard, the blackbird that sings at dusk, the next door neighbor  The spirits of place are just that – the energy, the life force, the song of every living thing in a time and place.

Spirit of Place is also mirrored in places of power, or sacred power sites. Ancient legends and modern-day reports tell of extraordinary experiences that people have had while visiting these magical places. Different Sacred Sites have the power to heal the body, enlighten the mind, increase creativity, develop psychic abilities and awaken the soul to a knowing of its true purpose in life. These power places are found all across the planet in the form of sacred mountains, healing springs, enchanted caves, ancient monasteries, labyrinth sites, birthplaces of saints, sites of divine apparitions, and many more.

What a beautiful, potent co-creation, to align with the Spirit of Place and the subtle fields of influence that can assist in the awakening and transformation of human consciousness, in turn, bringing love, compassion, beauty, and a multitude of divine inspiration to the healing of humanity, all our relations, and our earth.

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Writing inspired by The Druid Network, Joan ‘Taj’ Leppla, M.Ed. and Dr. Suzanne Botts