Leo Full Moon Meditation from John of God’s in Brazil

Leo Full Moon Meditation from John of God’s in Brazil

Leo Keynote:
“I am that and that am I”.
(The Word of the Leo subject who is rapidly gaining higher consciousness and preparing for fresh and universal expression in Aquarius.)

Leo Full Moon Meditation

This month we are in the ignited heat that is leading us to the Autumn Equinox and the major third doorway in Awakened Consciousness, for which we will be on the Isle of Iona.

The Leo full moon is asking us to be aware of the journey – of Awakening to the Soul’s Journey – and this month it is asking us to be aware of unconditional love in our lives. It asks us to focus on immediate tasks that are more likely to bring us success, rather than daydream about the future. Looking at developing new healthy habits increases vitality, providing the energy to refine old skills. The key to self-realization is to make incremental changes in our lives with small steps in a positive direction that lead to shifts in consciousness. Give generously from the heart with gratitude, while remaining within the flow, and much will be received.

Leo is expansive and optimistic, self-confident; The Sun is the ruler of Leo and the co-ruler of the heart center. As we allow our heart chakra to open, we experience the expression of love-wisdom, a broad expression of unconditional love. As we evolve in consciousness we are no longer influenced by mass consciousness, we are each being asked in our own individual way to be builders of the new dawn of awakened consciousness, to step outside the box, to embrace and hold the energy of the new dawn while the new foundations are being built without judgment.

I am currently at John of God in Brazil and I am not sure if my internet connection is strong enough to lead this meditation. If it is not possible for me to be live, we will do the meditation silently, through our collective connection.

I hope you will join me for the Leo Full Moon Meditation.
Many blessings, love and thanks,