Mystical Mount Shasta and its Sacred Vortexes

Mystical Mount Shasta and its Sacred Vortexes

Mount Shasta Mysticism

Mount Shasta, known as one of seven sacred mountains on Earth, has a storied history of occurrences rooted deeply in mysticism and myth. This sacred destination site has attracted mystics, sages, gurus, and curious people from around the world. The reports of unexplained phenomena surrounding this sleeping volcano are seemingly endless. Although the reports of strange and mystical occurrences are varied, one experience remains consistent: there is a certain special feeling noted by all who encounter its presence. Many people experience feelings of peace, awareness, and awakening, most likely triggered by contact with the vital life force emitting from the living mountain and the many vortex centers here. Powerful and transformational experiences abound for those who visit the vortexes.

The healing waters of sacred Mount Shasta - Spiritual Retreat to Mount Shasta | Sacred Mystical Journeys

Mount Shasta offers much more than its magnificent beauty. As you join us in this powerful vibrational energy field, you will experience a wide variety of insightful, leading-edge experiences. Together, we will journey to and sit in sacred vortexes, portals, and springs, all helping us to connect with the energy of the mountain, the healing power of nature, and oneself, as we connect with our Oneness. This unique spiritual journey will refresh the physical body, inspire the mind, and rekindle the spirit as we feed our soul.

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Sacred Journey to Mystical Mount Shasta