July 4th – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse + Golden Flame of Illumination Meditation

July 4th – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse + Golden Flame of Illumination Meditation

We live in very interesting time where the old order in being deconstructed and the New Dawn is being built as we embrace the new. The energy this month is asking us to raise our frequency, look to creating a stronger spiritual practice in our lives which creates our future.

We are currently going through the eye of the needle with three eclipses in five weeks creating new vibrations. Our eclipse on July 4/5th is of special importance to America because this lunar eclipse will be visible here and where an eclipse is visible it is more potent, checking our level of consciousness which will bring change. It will bring closure and new beginnings. What is it we want to create? a world where Unity consciousness reigns supreme where all people are created equal with prosperity and abundance for all Oneness.

America with it Aquarian soul and Gemini personality opens us up on this July 4th to the question of what we stand for? Independence, freedom or self empowerment. Remember this is the year of Awakening to Group Consciousness and 2021 is Awakening to Empowerment. Your answer is important as this year of transition brought forth the shadow side of America.

Aquarius is the sign of universal brotherhood, with that recognition we are all connected and we realized this more deeply by understanding that the “waters” of the Aquarian water-bearer are the “plasma” of the planetary etheric body, within which all kingdoms of nature participate. Gemini also rules the etheric body specifically – a most complementary theme between these two air signs in harmony with one another.
Gemini is the sign of communications – telepathic via the etheric body, or – the spoken word.

It seeks to balance the opposites upon the mental plane, with constant dialogue and discussion we brings about understanding and tolerance – of all the diverse views within each nation. Venus is the esoteric ruler of Gemini that brings about this balancing and harmonization, working with its exoteric ruler ship of Libra. Remember the only ray to pass through Gemini is the second ray of Love-Wisdom so Venus as the goddess of love finds herself very much at home in this sign …

This is a time to embrace who we truly are Divine Temples of Love claiming our divine birthright by taking back the power we had given away to our political masters etc, stand up for what we believe in, our truth, our knowing, understanding , self awareness as a being of divine love and a builder of the new dawn.

See you on the 4th. Sing along with John Lennon and “Aquarius”

Blessings, love and light,


July 4th – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse +
Golden Flame of Illumination Meditation

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