2018 Solstice and Full Moon Meditation

2018 Solstice and Full Moon Meditation

In December, we had the incredible opportunity of a twin flame celebration, the Festival of Winter Solstice and the Full Moon!

Winter Solstice is when Archangel Gabriel takes over as guardian of our planet for the next 3 months to Spring Equinox. It is when we take a step forward in Ascension consciousness, a time when the mother goes deepest into the womb of the earth, and there rests for three days and co-mingles with the universal unified consciousness or Christ Consciousness. On December 25th, as the Sun moves again, a new consciousness is birthed.

With Winter Solstice humanity is being given an incredible opportunity to move forward in consciousness through the accelerated Ascension process. In 2019, our Awakened Consciousness journey brings us Awakening to Strength in our own lives and in the world within which we live.

At Winter Solstice 2012 we were given the gift of Awakened Consciousness, taking us into the fifth dimension. At this time humanity was given the incredible opportunity to walk through 13 gateways, with the final gateway being at winter solstice 2023 preparing us for the events of 2025.

2013 Awakened Consciousness

2014 Awakening to the Soul’s Journey

2015 Awakening to Our Own Divinity

2016 Awakening to Clarity

2017 Awakening to Wisdom

2018 Awakening to Beauty

2019 Awakening to Strength

These steps in awakened consciousness/ascension/climbing of Jacob’s Ladder has each of us and our planet pulsating as it filters into the hearts and minds of an awakened humanity. As we resonate within our hearts our new state of consciousness and it ignites our inner knowing, we are awakened further by meditation with the Threefold Golden Flame for the betterment of ourselves, humanity, and peace on earth.

At Winter Solstice we participated in a Threefold Golden Flame meditation.

The shift begins with an Inner Knowing that we are all One and that there is no separation. As we now enter a year of embracing our Beauty, we find peace and abundance in our lives. As we quest the ascension process, we realize that we are all interconnected and interrelated; that we are Cosmic beings of light, the builders of the new dawn following our soul’s divine pathway.

Our Full Moon Keynote: “Lost am I in light supernal, and on that light I turn my back.”

It is a rare occasion when the full moon festival coincides with one of the four cardinal points of the equinoxes and solstices – as it does at this time. It is important for us to remember the potencies of both of these cycles being brought together. The full moon period of five days overlaps the solstice period of three days, yielding the window of December 20-25.

Christmas Day brings us the final day of the solstice period, a time when families come together in a spirit of goodwill and exchange presents, evoking the Cancer polarity of Capricorn. Together, these two signs represent the mother and father respectively, the feminine and the masculine, unified consciousness.

The symbolic birth of Jesus to a Virgin mother on Christmas Day means that Virgo was astronomically rising and the sun was in Capricorn, the sign of the initiate. The birth of Jesus is celebrated at Christmas, as the disciple of the Christ Avatar for the Piscean Age. Now I believe that in 2025 upon completion of the 13 steps of initiation and the rebirth of the Golden Flame of Illumination the reappearance of the hierarchical being will begin to appear as we fully embrace the Aquarian new principles and truths.

Our Mantra will be:

I am a fountain of the Golden Flame.
I am the Truth.
I am all consciousness.
I am all being.
I am the spirit of deep unconditional love.
My gift to the Golden Light which is within me and around me is the spark of life.
I carry it freely, generously in gratitude and in the purity of my soul.
And thus it shall be for ever and ever.
And so it is.

This occurrence of the full moon solar festival occurs simultaneously with the solstice, and literally super-charges the Unified Consciousness solstice time of 2018 (the NOW energy of the new cycle of the eight spokes of the wheel of the year for 2019). This has a dual effect of course, as all zodiac signs have their lower and higher expression.

Bearing our Atlantean history in mind, the  battle between the forces of light and materialism is today being fought upon a higher turn of the evolutionary spiral because:

  1. The Masters of Wisdom are preparing for their Reappearance amongst humanity once again.
  2. Humanity is “in a great state of turmoil, prior to taking a great step forward in self-conscious unfoldment,” opening our hearts and embracing our divinity.
  3. Advanced humanity and the disciples of the world are equally in a state of turmoil as they are tried and tested in the fiery crucible, prior to taking their respective initiations.

Hence, during this combined solstice/full moon period lies a great opportunity for the forces of light to make a stand, to “stand still,” to stand and hold in tension as the forces of the first ray power of Shambala – the source of the Planetary Plan. As 2025 approaches, more than ever, conscious individuals and groups will step up their intention to regularly meditate and connect subjectively during these periods, linking with other like-minded groups and individuals across the globe – to hold the line during this “war in heaven.”

As we work to successfully achieve this, world conflicts will be avoided because their energies have been dispersed at causal levels through subjective, esoteric work and right direction of thought. This is where world servers can begin to be conscious co-workers with The Great White Brotherhood.

I am in the process of writing a newsletter which will show all the steps from Harmonic Convergence to 2025, which includes the work of the Seven Rays, The Golden Flame and the Thirteen Steps through which our planet and humanity must walk.

Remember Ray 1: Will and power is the destroyer of outmoded institutions that do not serve humanity.

Ray 2: Love, Wisdom represents the architect of the Aquarian age who is master Kuthumi and we are the draftsmen/women.

Ray 3: The lord of Abstract Intelligence and Adaptability is the builder and we are each responsible for the building of the new dispensation.

Ray 7: The Ray guiding the new dispensation is (Master St. Germain and Mother Mary) the Ray of Ceremonial Order and Magic, Group Work and  Cooperation.

Blessings, love and golden light,