Travel Sacred Scotland: a Place of Mystery in this Ancient Holy Land

Celebrate Autumn Equinox on the Isle of Iona with the mystical opening of the 10th Gateway for humanity and our planet as we travel Sacred Scotland

Travel Sacred Scotland where we will see, feel, and become one with the heart of the Goddess!

As you Travel Sacred Scotland, you’ll experience this is a land full of ancient wisdom and magic. From Rosslyn Chapel to the elusive Isle of Skye and the Holy Island of Iona, we will immerse ourselves in the alchemy of this sacred earth and breathe in all that it has to offer us on our own individual and collective pilgrimage. Experience the incredible Scotland with its rugged beauty, tranquility and sacredness. Let this unique land inspire the imagination.

Rosslyn chapel 1

As you Travel Sacred Scotland, you are being asked to feed your soul as it awakens to the many wonders of the miraculous and the mystical. Join me on this spiritual adventure opening the pathway of the heart, a journey of ascension where we will experience the timeless wonder of being a pilgrim, one more unique than the ordinary traveler. Explore the amazing and Powerful Callanish Stone Circle.

This is a pilgrimage, not a tour. It is a spiritual journey for those who are being called to awaken, ascend or simply listen to the voice within. As we Travel Sacred Scotland there will be individual, as well as group rituals, gatherings and ceremonies, in which it will be important for everyone to participate. Join Us today and Travel Sacred Scotland!

Finbarr Ross’s Sacred Pilgrimage to Scotland Itinerary:

Our Sacred Pilgrimage to Scotland begins at 8:00 am with a morning departure from Glasgow as we journey to Kilmartin Glen -
an area of mystical beauty in Argyle.

Kilmartin Glen features one of the largest concentrations of Neolithic and Bronze Age remains in Scotland. There are over 350 ancient monuments within just a six mile radius of the village -- standing stones, a henge monument, featuring five burial cairns with cup and ring marks on them, and more.

We will visit, Temple Wood Stone Circles, Cairn and Standing Stones as we discover the power and beauty of our ancient past.

In the afternoon, we'll take a ferry from Oban to Mull/Iona.

Overnight on Iona for 4 nights. (B ,D)

Iona was a Sacred Isle to the Druids in ancient times and also for the Culdees and Celtic Christians who came here. This Holy Isle’s historical fame has resulted from the Christian mission of the Irish Saint Columba who came to Iona during the 6th century A.D.

On September 22nd we will celebrate Autumn Equinox with a special ceremony and meditation with the Golden Flame of Illumination opening the 10th Inter-Dimensional Gateway of the 13 Gateways for humanity and our planet. We shall embrace the Shift and absorb the sacred energies of Awakened Consciousness in this year of Awakening to Empowerment that is imbued upon each of us today, opening ourselves up to the Ancient Wisdom held in this Mystical Land.

Special message Finbarr received at Iona in 2011:

At Winter Solstice 2012, we are entering a time of shift in the Ascension process, and the energy that comes in at Winter Solstice will spark Phase Two of the process at Spring Equinox 2013, taking us through the First Gateway and Step One of 13 Steps/Gateways that humanity and our planet must go through. All will culminate with the opening of the 13th gateway at Winter Solstice 2023.

On our Sacred Pilgrimage to Scotland, we will explore Iona Abbey, St. Martinus Cross, St. Oran’s Chapel, the royal burial grounds of kings and the ruins of the Iona Nunnery. We will experience a water ceremony at the Well of Eternal Youth, sacred ceremony, meditation and the vortex energy of the island, opening ourselves up as we attune ourselves to this sacred land.

Fingal cave entrance under-geometric-natural-cliff of Staffa Island

Next, we will continue our exploration of Scotland with a visit to the Isle of Staffa and free time to explore on our own. The seaside approach to Staffa is breathtaking, with great basalt columns bordering deep caves which easily inspire the imagination.

Whilst on Iona, breakfast and dinner are included each day, and lunch will be taken independently.

Overnight on Iona. (B, D)

This morning we continue our Sacred Pilgrimage as we depart the Isle of Iona by ferry for Mull.

Here we visit the famous church Kilmore church, (Church of Mary) Dervaig, Isle of Mull, on an ancient Druid ceremonial site. Inside some ancient symbolism and seven amazing stained glass windows with that of Jesus and Mary Magdalene showing her pregnant. The inscription at the bottom of the window reads “Mary has chosen the good part, which shall not be taken from her” . We now depart from Mull to Oban and on to Pithlocery where we will overnight for 3 nights with dinner at the hotel.
(B, D)

Today, on our Sacred Pilgrimage, we experience Fortingall, in the very heart of Scotland, steeped in Celtic myth and legend. Central to the area is Glenlyon, a 32-mile-long glen and one of the most beautiful and dramatic glens in Scotland.

We will experience many sacred sites all within a 20 mile radius of Glenlyon.

We will travel to Fortingall Church and also see the famous Fortingall Yew Tree, said to be the oldest tree in Europe, believed to be about 5,000 years old. Less known, is an intriguing oral tradition that Pontius Pilate was born in the hamlet of Fortingall.

We will visit the Dunkeld Cathedral. The original monastery at Dunkeld dates from the sixth century, founded by Saint Columba. There is a belief that some undiscovered relics of Saint Columba are
still buried at the cathedral.

We will see the Croft Moraig (Field of Mary) megalithic stone circle, believed to date from around 3000 BCE.

Holy Mountain Schiehallion, Scotland

, which translates from the gaelic as “the Fairy Hill of the Caledonians”. Strange tales are told about this awe-inspiring mountain of quartz crystal.

We'll tour St. Mary’s Grail Chapel with a remarkable heraldic mural painted on its barrel roof ceiling which displays amazing and unique hidden symbolism.

Overnight in Pitlochry with dinner at our hotel. (B, D)

Today, we travel to visit to the Findhorn Community and Ecovillage. The Findhorn ecovillage is an experimental architectural community project based at The Park, in Moray, Scotland, near the village of Findhorn. The ecovillage was established in 1962, and as of 2005 has about 450 members. The project is based on sustainable development and community living with a minimal ecological footprint. We will experience the Findhorn Community and tour the Findhorn ecovillage, gardens and meditation sanctuary.

Clava Cairns

In the afternoon, we will visit the Clava Cairn, a well-preserved Bronze Age site with its ancient initiation temples. Clava Cairn is a significant example of Scottish Highland history and are among the best preserved prehistoric sites in Scotland. The form of these ancient burial monuments uniquely combines aspects of ring cairns, passage tombs, and stone circles. Overnight in Ullapool (B, D)

Today, we catch the morning ferry to Sornoway on this part of our Sacred Journey of Scotland, we will experience the powerful Callanish Stone Circle - the "Stonehenge of the North”- which dates back to 3,000 BCE. The layout of the stones is unique and looks like a Celtic cross.

These ancient standing stones were erected during the Neolithic period and used for ritual purposes during the Bronze age. Like the Temple Wood standing stones, the Callanish Standing Stones are aligned to the sun and the moon and are positioned with puzzling accuracy, despite predating Stonehenge by about 500 years.

We will also visit the two satellite stone circles adjacent to the Callanish standing stones.

Overnight at our hotel in Stornoway. (B, D)

Today we will continue to enjoy Stornoway, the main settlement on the Isle of Lewis, and the largest town in the Western Isles, also knows as the Outer Hebrides. We will explore the sights of Stornoway as we experience the essence of the Scottish Isles.

Our ferry departs in the afternoon from Stornoway to Ullapool.

Upon arrival, we transfer to Inverness where we will overnight. (B, D)

Depart Inverness stopping to visit the magical site of Ossian’s Cave and Hermitage.

Arriving in Edinburgh in the late afternoon. Overnight at our hotel in Edinburgh. (B, D)

Early morning departure for Edinburgh and our visit to the enigmatic Rosslyn Chapel. We will explore and meditate on the mysteries of the Essenic Jerusalem temple scrolls, said to be buried here.

We will experience the Rosslyn Chapel Crypt and its mystery, with an optional afternoon visit to St. Andrews.

This evening we will have dinner and overnight in Edinburgh. (B, D)

Edinburgh, free day to shop and explore Edinburgh with its beautiful
gardens etc before meeting at a magical restaurant at 7:00pm for a
special farewell dinner. (B, D)

We will bid farewell to Scotland and depart for Edinburgh International Airport for our homeward journey, grateful for all that we have experienced. (B)

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