World Healing Meditation, November 10, 2013

World Healing Meditation, November 10, 2013

As you are aware, we are doing a sacred journey in Israel which started November 1st. This date was chosen with a special intent as it is the midpoint between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice it is a time of great balance when the veils are thin. By doing this journey at this special time we are connecting into all that is in this time of chaos and I am asking you to join us energetically on this sacred mission so that we can archive change in the world.

We will be very close to a very sacred site in Egypt namely the Giza Pyramid which is a beacon of light on the earth’s gridline and as we connect with it, it will radiate light out all over the Middle East and the world.

I am asking you to join with us to be part of this amazing journey to bring about change in our world. Our politicians appear to have forsaken us to follow their own path so we are now the ones holding the balance allowing the new foundations to be built on a firm footing of inspiration, empowerment and light.

So I invite you to join energetically with us in Jerusalem as we evoke the energy from within ourselves as you join with us in saying the World Healing Meditation on November 10th at 6.00pm Jerusalem time which is:

  • 11.00am Eastern
  • 10.00am Central
  • 9.00am Mountain
  • 8.00am Pacific  
  • 4pm UK Time 

I ask that you network this event with your friends so that we can achieve maximum results.

World Healing Meditation

In the beginning.
In the beginning GOD.
In the beginning God created Heaven and Earth, and God said let there be Light and there was Light.
Now is the time of the New Beginning.
I am a co-creator with God and it is a new Heaven that comes, as the good will of God is expressed on Earth through me.
It is the kingdom of Light, Love and Peace and Understanding.
And I am doing my part to reveal this Reality.
I begin with me. I am a living soul and the spirit of God dwells in me, as me.
I and the Father are One, and all that the Father has is mine.
What is true of me is true of everyone, for God is all and all is God.
I see only the spirit of God in every soul.
And to every man, woman and child on Earth I say:
I love you, for you are me. You are my Holy Self.
I now open my heart, and let the pure essence of Unconditional Love pour.
I see it as a Golden Light radiating from the centre of my Being and I feel its Divine vibration in and through me, above and below me I am one with the Light.
I am filled with the Light.
I am illumined by the Light. I am the Light of the world.
With purpose of mind, I send forth the Light.
I let the radiance go before me to join the other Lights.
I know this is happening all over the world at this moment.
I see the Lights. There is now One Light. We are the Light of the world.
The One Light of Love, Peace and Understanding is moving.
It flows across the face of the Earth.
Touching and illuminating every soul in the shadow of illusion.
And where there was darkness, there is now the Light of Reality.
And the radiance grows, permeating, saturating every form of life.
There is only one vibration of one Perfect Life now.
All the kingdoms of Earth respond and the planet is alive with Light and
There is total Oneness, and in Oneness we speak the word.
Let the separation be dissolved. Let mankind be returned to Godkind.
Let peace come forth in every mind. Let love flow forth from every heart.
Let forgiveness reign in every soul. Let understanding be the common bond.
And now from the Light of the world, the One Presence and Power of the
Universe responds.
The activity of God is healing and harmonising. Planet Earth.
Omnipotence is made manifest.
I am seeing the salvation of the planet before my very eyes,
as all false beliefs and error patterns are dissolved.
The sense of separation is no more;
the healing was taken place, and the world is restored to sanity.
This is the beginning of Peace on Earth and Good Will toward all,
as love flows forth from every heart, forgiveness reigns in every soul,
and all hearts and minds are one in perfect understanding.
It is Done. And It Is So.
John Randolph Price