Winter Solstice Meditation, December 21st

Winter Solstice Meditation, December 21st

Please join us on December 21st for our Winter Solstice Golden Flame of Illumination Meditation. In this meditation we will connect with the womb of the mother and find ourselves rebirthed in a whole new way, and awakening beyond belief!

Keynote: “Rebirth within my Self”

This year at Winter Solstice humanity is being given an incredible opportunity to move forward in consciousness through a major accelerated Ascension process which is Now taking place in the world and within each one of us. In 2021, our Awakened to Consciousness pathway/journey brings us Awakening to Empowerment in our lives and in the world within which we live. We are now living in a time of quantum shift within ourselves and our planet.

Winter Solstice is when Archangel Gabriel takes over as guardian of our planet from Archangel Michael for the next 3 months to Spring Equinox. It is the annunciation, the birthing of new energies, a time when we take step forward in Ascension consciousness, a time when the mother goes deepest into the womb of the earth, and there rests for three days and co-mingles with the universal unified consciousness or Christ Consciousness. On December 25th, as the Sun moves again, a new consciousness is birthed.

At Winter Solstice 2012 we were given the gift of Awakened Consciousness, taking us into the fifth dimension. At this time humanity was given the incredible opportunity to walk through 13 gateways, with the final gateway being at winter solstice 2023 preparing us for the events of 2025.

At winter Solstice each year a new energy, vibration and frequency is birthed for the up coming year.

2013 Awakened Consciousness

2014 Awakening to the Soul’s Journey

2015 Awakening to Our Own Divinity

2016 Awakening to Clarity

2017 Awakening to Wisdom

2018 Awakening to Beauty

2019 Awakening to Strength

2020 Awakening to Group Consciousness

2021 Awakening to Empowerment

As you look at the theme for each year we see how humanity and our planet has shifted in consciousness each year as each of these energies were birthed.

These steps in awakened consciousness/ascension/climbing of Jacob’s Ladder has each of us and our planet pulsating as it filters into the hearts and minds of an awakened humanity. As we resonate with the golden flame of illumination within our hearts, our new state of consciousness ignites our inner knowing, and we are awakened further by meditation with the Threefold Golden Flame for the betterment of ourselves, humanity, and our planet.

The shift begins with an Inner Knowing that we are all One and that there is no separation. As we now enter a year major energetic shift as we reclaim our power, as we do this we find peace, healing and abundance in our lives. As we quest and embrace the ascension process, we realize that we are all interconnected and interrelated; that we are Cosmic beings of light, the builders of the new dawn following our soul’s divine pathway.

This upcoming year is a year of major shift for humanity, it is the year we reclaim the power we had chosen to give away and it was abused.

So join me on the 21st as we reclaim the power of who we are!

Thank you for all that you do as you quest and ponder each day.


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Winter Solstice + Golden Flame of Illumination
Meditation, December 21st

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