Virgo Full Moon Meditation

Virgo Full Moon Meditation

Keynote: “I am the Mother and the Child. I God, I matter am.”

Virgo – Healing and Gratitude

Virgo is a sign well known for healing upon the physical-etheric level through diet and nutrition, emphasizing Virgo’s rulership of the bowels – where food moves from the stomach (ruled by Cancer), to be digested, having its nutrients extracted to sustain the physical form. What is left over is eliminated through the organs of excretion, ruled over by Scorpio. The physical body is ruled from head to toe by all the zodiac signs from Aries to Pisces and likewise, the planets rule various organs and body parts.

It is a time we express gratitude for ourselves and what we encounter each day; the gifts, blessings, and challenges, which take us to a place of greater awareness, as we quest this year of Awakening to Our Own Divinity.

The branch of medical astrology is a vast science within itself and has been practiced for as long as astrology has been in existence. Virgo is a triple sign as its glyph indicates, meaning that this “triple goddess” sign (Eve, Isis and Mary) is related to healing and nurturing on all levels of the personality – physical-etheric, emotional and mental.

The Moon is the esoteric ruler of Virgo and is related to the form nature as a whole, the “lunar bodies” of varying frequencies that constitute the three-fold personality. The Moon also “veils” Vulcan and governs “the etheric vehicle from the circulatory angle.”

Mercury is the orthodox ruler of Virgo, providing its keen mental discrimination and analysis, hence its association with mental healing. Yet, with esoteric ruler the Moon, both “indicate the activity of the higher and lower mind.”

When the Isis archetype of Virgo is considered, the astral body part of the personality is brought into focus. Isis was the Queen of the Nile – its flooding and success of the crops – hence Virgo the wheat-grain or corn. Water is also a symbol of the astral body, as is Virgo’s polar opposite Pisces.

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