The Chalice and the Golden Flame of Illumination Meditation March 16th 7:00 PM MST

The Chalice and the Golden Flame of Illumination Meditation March 16th 7:00 PM MST

As you are aware I will not be leading the meditation on March 16th but my good friend Monica Devi Bhakti will be. Monica is a Soul Coach, Clairvoyant/Intuitive Reader, Hypnotherapist, Somatic Healer and Transformational Guide, for over 30 years. From Monica: “My passion is to guide people in releasing patterning and healing core wounds, so that they can live from their Essential Self.

One of the tools given to us throughout all spiritual traditions to help us on our path are Sacred Symbols. These symbols are like road maps, and transmit Ancient Codes that can activate our DNA and help remind us of our Divine origins. Symbols go past the conscious mind and speak directly to the soul. We will see what information these symbols are bringing to us now in these pivotal times to assist us.

We will embody the Sacred Power of these codes through the meditation and use the Chalice and the Golden Flame of Illumination, to synthesize these codes and further our own Ascension process for ourselves and the planet.”

I invite you to embrace life with love, gratitude, compassion and forgiveness allowing freedom and truth to flow in all aspects of your life and watch the magic happen. Monica looks forward to being with you on Thursday, March 16th as we join with our global spiritual community, creating a stable energy field emanating from The Village at Montrose out into the world, a place of peace, divine inspiration and empowerment opening us up to the beauty of who we are as we walk the pathway of the heart.

Blessings, love and light,

Finbarr and Monica

The Chalice and the Golden Flame of Illumination Meditation 

March 16th 7:00 PM MST