Total Eclipse of the Moon October 8th 2014

Total Eclipse of the Moon October 8th 2014

October Full Moon Meditation

Here we are again seeking balance, a balance that brings us into sacred union as issues in our lives can no longer be swept under the carpet.

This is a Total Eclipse of the Moon which conjuncts Uranus. In the collective sense it is likely to manifest as sudden events and major surprises like the fall of prominent leaders. Timing, though, is not always accurate as the effects of eclipses can last for months. An indecisive Libra can push relationships to the limits. The fundamental question is how do we respond to our individual needs and still be responsive to others. It is difficult to do both at the same time. So, as with any opposition, it’s a lesson in learning how to gracefully move to either side of the equation depending upon needs and circumstances.

A major benefit of this eclipse is its potential for helping us to let go of old habits, particularly those related to anger, impatience and feelings of isolation. Breaking free from a sense of alienation and finding the capacity to reframe weirdness as originality allows us to have a sense of uniqueness without undermining alliances. It will help us to bridge opposites, and the differences that keep us apart will diminish.

So look within and find that balance as you bring all aspects of yourself back into wholeness and Oneness.

Just in case the internet connection is not working at my hotel, if I am not live, please meditate in silence and I will join you.

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