The Power of Your Own Light Source + Meditation March 17th

The Power of Your Own Light Source + Meditation March 17th

Welcome, you are here, you are always here!

This is so good because something magical is happening.

Let us open ourselves up to connecting with Source in this time of chaos as we cultivate and remember that we are not here to learn how to be fear based.

We are here to learn how to cooperate remembering that in cooperation and collaboration Unity is birthed allowing us to share in a new dawn.

When Unity is birthed we begin to feel the Oneness of presence and when we birth the Oneness within ourselves and we have an idea of what it feels like we stop abandoning it.

We have at this time a tremendous opportunity to grow and evolve, we live in magical time, an evolutionary time in this year of Awakening to Empowerment. We do this by recognizing I am one with the moment in the Now. Recognizing the power of Self.

We will quest on a magical adventure of exploration within our self.

I look forward to seeing you on Saint Patrick’s day as we explore what magical mysteries appear for us.

Blessings, love and light,



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The Power of Your Own Light Source + Meditation, March 17th

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