The Art of Pilgrimage

The Art of Pilgrimage

Pilgrims or Tourists

To understand the meaning of Pilgrim, let us look to see if we are a Pilgrim or Tourist in life;

“We are told we should be pilgrims in life, but instead we have become tourists.

Pilgrims are on a special journey. Every part of it has meaning –

the setbacks the frustrations, as well as the joys.

Tourists are out to enjoy life, to seek pleasure, fun or just rest.

Pilgrims carry little with them, just enough for their needs.

Tourists are burdened with possessions and are always anxious about losing them.

Pilgrims stay as long as they need to be in a place.

Tourists have schedules to keep and are always rushing on.

Pilgrims are humble, open to people and experiences.

Tourists are arrogant, they know what they want, and they’ll see it, do it, find it.

Pilgrims share what they have. Tourists never have quite enough.

Pilgrims are changed by their journey. Tourists are always a little bit disappointed –

it is never quite as good as they had hoped.

Lord, help us to be pilgrims in life – not just tourists.” – Isabelle Kingston

A pilgrimage is a sacred journey with an intended purpose. In pre-Christian times the Druids, Egyptian and the Essenes did pilgrimages to sacred places to connect with the wisdom of the higher world. To allow themselves to open up to the gifts of Spirit to the Oneness and to commune with nature as they journeyed.

Master Jesus was one of the early pilgrims and seekers as he journeyed from the Holy Land to experience life and the ancient wisdom with the Druids in the British Isles, before journeying to experience the ancient wisdom of India and Egypt and returning to the Holy land. The first Christian pilgrims in the early 4th century were encouraged by Helen, the mother of Constantine, to journey to Jerusalem to honor the place of Christ’s crucifixion.

Christians and Jews continue to make pilgrimages to Jerusalem, and Muslims to Medina, Hindus to the Ganges etc. In all cases, a pilgrimage is a journey of the soul’s calling. It is especially important in this the year 2014 of Awakening to the Soul’s Journey.

With this in mind, Sacred Mystical Journeys created a special series of sacred pilgrimages for 2014 including three new destinations!

Are you ready to join me on one or more of these sacred journeys of awakening?