Ten Reasons to go on a Women’s Only Tour

Ten Reasons to go on a Women’s Only Tour

Women are coming together all over the planet, feeling the call to rediscover the Sacred Feminine within.  They are asking for, searching for, and wanting something, and not even sure what it is.

Women want to feel the safe, nurturing support of other women.  There are women only workshops, classes, and groups developing.  Women Only travel is one of the fastest growing segments in the travel industry.  Women are exploring the Sacred Feminine, the energies of the Goddess, and rediscovering their own femininity.

1) Women and Men travel very differently.

Men tend to connect to the sacredness and transformative aspects of the sites but are often unaware of the nurturing matrix of each site.  Women prefer to spend more time in connecting with the nurturing and transformative matrix of the sites, the culture and the energies.

2) No spouse or partner to travel with, or the men in your life have different interests.

Rather than waiting for a man or partner to travel with, women are finding more freedom and joy when they follow their own desires.

3) Women have lost their feminine self while living in a masculine-dominated world.

As women have pushed to be treated as equals they have taken on masculine roles.  They’ve learned to be in the world in a more masculine way, and have forgotten or lost what it means to be feminine.  Rediscovering their femininity and the aspects of what a powerful and feminine woman are help to connect with these lost parts of self.

4) Being in Feminine Energy

Our feminine energy opens up when we are only with other women.  There is a feeling of safety with other women, which allows us to open our hearts to deeper aspects of ourselves.

5) Connect with Goddess Sites

Goddess tours are designed around visits to sites that have long been connected with goddesses and feminine energies.  They hold the energy of the Sacred Feminine and help us access this energy within ourselves.

6) The Magic of Travel Comes Alive!

Traveling with other women opens us more to the subtle and soft voice of our intuition.  That is when magic happens … synchronicities increase, we feel inspired, insights and messages come to us.

7) Meet new women friends

It’s always more fun to travel with others that enjoy the same things.  Women only travel is all about friendship and connecting.  It’s not about competition to see more sites.  It’s about discovering the world and enjoying the experience of it.

8) Feel supported by other women

Traveling with other women we support each other.  We find ways of coming together as sisters, in a very nurturing way.  We are embraced by the feminine in all that we experience.

9) Re-Discovering the Goddess Inside of You

As we learn about the feminine aspects attributed to the various goddesses, it helps us also bring through these aspects in our lives.  We are all goddesses!

10) Experience the true feminine power of the Sacred Feminine within

We’ve been in a world where masculine equates to power.  With opening to what is feminine, learning about the sacred feminine aspects, we can realize the deep power of our more subtle feminine energy.  We have the power of creation!  We have the power to hold, to give birth.  Our awareness of this power helps us bring the Sacred Feminine into the world.

It’s time for the Sacred Feminine to awaken and be a powerful force once again on this planet.  We do this individually, as we awaken and allow this power and energy to come through us.

Women awakening to their feminine power is beneficial for all of humanity.  As women discover their feminine aspects this has very positive effect on men, as it opens them to the concept of the Divine Feminine/ Christ Consciousness and allows them to become aware of nurturing and receptivity.  Through this we are able to support each other to live and express our true potential.

Sacred Mystical Journeys has designed a Women-Only Goddess Tour, led by a special female guide who works with the Sacred Feminine and Goddess Sites of Ireland.

Let Your Sacred Feminine Come Alive, with a Women’s Only Goddess Tour!