Superbugs and Coronavirus

Superbugs and Coronavirus

Dear travelers,

I am writing this from Thailand where there is no hysteria around the Coronavirus. Yes, they are taking precautions, but they have no fear. The health department here has asked that people working in hotels who interact with the public wear masks. Other than that, they are asking people to eat a healthy diet.

Over the years, we have seen the emergence of “superbugs” and viruses, like the present Coronavirus, that have the potential to affect individuals worldwide.

When it comes to illness, our mindset tells us that we are open to catch certain viruses or illness from others, from the environment, that we have a family tradition to particular diseases due to our genetic inheritance. However, current studies in consciousness have shown that we have the capacity to be healthy regardless of our external circumstances or family.

I have come to believe that when we experience illness in our lives, there is something out of wack vibrationally, thereby causing this dis-ease. It is for each of us to look and see if the vibrational energy is flowing fully and freely throughout our body. If the energy is not flowing, we are compromised, which decreases our immunity to stave off viruses/illness.

As we and our planet evolve, so, too, will the viruses, as does our ability to raise our energetic vibration through Awakened Consciousness. (The theme for 2020 is Awakening to Group Consciousness.)

The good news is, I believe energetically our current superbug will peak at the coming Super Full Moon on March 9th. Maybe you will join us for meditation that evening and feel an energetic shift take place within yourself.

If you want some assistance with keeping your immune system working at peak performance, I offer the following suggestions:

Meditation, Breath Work, Diet.

No fast food. Eat real, wholesome food. Your shake in the morning is important and sets you up for the day.

Exercise – walk in the park, touch and feel the vibration of Mother Earth as you walk on the grass; feel the trees and plants around you.

If you feel you need extra immune support, I recommend the following supplementation:

If you feel a cold coming on, take 4 capsules of Symbiotics Colostrum Plus and one dropper full of Cat’s Claw by Herb Pharm in a quarter glass of water. ( If you feel a cold coming on, take 3 times within 24 hours. This works, as those of you who have been our tours with me will attest to. Otherwise use it as an immune support.)

If you want to take something everyday, take one Japanese Organic Garlic each morning, available from Amazon. This works with amazing results.

To support your immune system, I recommend the following Whole Food supplements available from All of these products are within your bloodstream within 20 minutes.

Vitamin C is a must Whole Food Matrix nutrient. Do not take Vitamin C made from ascorbic acid as you are only wasting your money. Your body will only absorb approximately 11% of the chemically synthesized form, as opposed to our natural Whole Food Vitamin C from Matrix Nutrients. You will absorb a minimum of 85% of this within 20 minutes of taking it, because it is a Whole Food pure form of Vitamin C.

EFAs or Essential Fatty Acids: The term ‘essential’ in nutrition as applied to ‘essential fatty acids’ (EFAs) refers to omega-6 and omega-3 which are polyunsaturated fatty acids. These are required by the body to achieve optimum human health, but they need to be ingested as the body is unable to manufacture them. These are essential polyunsaturated fatty acids that play a structural role in cell membranes. EFAs are necessary for the normal function of the immune system. Essential fatty acids are required for proper brain function and the optimum production of energy.

Selenium, Iodine and Vitamin B12: This formula contains some important nutrients which are hard to obtain from the soil and our foods, and are not very bio-available in other forms. Selenium is an especially important micro mineral and a powerful antioxidant. It helps support the immune system, nervous system, cardiovascular system, thyroid function, metabolism, skin health, and hair & nails.

For general well-being and energy support, take Matrix Nutrients Multi Vitamin & Mineral which has been specifically formulated to help your body obtain its optimum level of nutrients.

As these superbugs/viruses enter our environment, there are two essential oils which are amazing at fighting any superbug:

  • Oregano Essential Oil
  • Black Seed Essential Oil

Both of these oils are amazing and carry vibrationally a more conscious energy recognized by the body than antibiotics.

Ginger Essential Oil is also said to be great, but I have not personally used that.

To ingest essential oils, make sure you are taking a food-grade therapeutic single oil, not a blend. Take 4-6 drops in about half a glass of water and drink down.

The best oils I have found come from:

All of the above suggestions are from my own experiences over the years. I am not diagnosing for you in any way, just offering suggestions for you to look at and do your own research.

If you have any questions please email or telephone me and I will be happy to chat with you.

I am now off to India on Tuesday where I will be connecting with you in meditation on March 9th for the Super Full Moon and on March 19th for Spring Equinox.

Blessings, love and light,


Finbarr Ross, Founder of Sacred Mystical Journeys