Super Full Moon Golden Flame Meditation with Barbara Poulin

Super Full Moon Golden Flame Meditation with Barbara Poulin

Watch a Zoom recording of the Full Moon Golden Flame meditation on March 9th with Barbara Poulin:

Super Full Moon Golden Flame Meditation

Keynote: I leave the Father’s home and turning back I save.

Here we are the Super Full Moon and as I am in India I do not know what my internet situation will be. As such, I have asked Barbara Poulin, a Montrose Shaman, to lead you in meditation and our group will join in with you energetically from Delhi at 7:30am India time.

We now live in a time of heightened sensitivity. Pisces is a water sign of high emotional sensitivity and when the sun passes through Pisces each year, that sensitivity is heightened. If you find yourself picking up on a general sense of dread, fretting with little or no sleep about the situation worldwide, you are not alone. Fear is a contagion that spreads much faster than any virus, and must be faced and contained. We need to face our own fear which is an illusion as there is no such thing as fear. If we take each challenge and embrace it within ourselves with love, it will dissolve, as there is no greater power than love. If you believe in yourself that you are a divine spiritual being having a spiritual experience in a human body, all is possible. There is no situation that enough love will not overcome; all it takes is believing in yourself and the power within you. Remember, we each have a soul journey, and we are divinely protected so we can achieve that journey.

Each of us must face our own shadow, which is part of the collective shadow, taking responsibility for making changes from within ourselves and resisting escapism or apathy from the things we don’t want to look at.

I ask you to work anew with fresh enthusiasm in joyful service knowing that your soul and you are one. Allow Divine Love, a love that comes from the spark of the Golden Flame within your hearts. This flame of Illumination will bring an end to separateness and aggression if we want it to be so, remembering we can change the world, but it will only happen if we change ourselves first.

Remember, meditation builds a sanctuary within the heart where one’s true essence resides; a retreat that replenishes through the healing waters of one’s own soul. Meditation achieves a serenity and silence that enables listening to the guidance from one’s higher Self. Meditation connects us with that elusive spirit of joy that resides within and beyond the happiness of the personality.

Be at peace knowing that everything is in divine order and our current challenges are asking us to go within. The answers are within and all will be well.

This Super Full Moon brings us a new world view as the old world falls apart. This is a transitional year – a year of 6 eclipses – a power-packed year. With this full moon being so close to the earth, it is a great time for manifesting, so plan what you would like to achieve. A great time for anchoring in the heart new thought, new levels of consciousness, so embrace it all with love.

Remember, always, to love yourself,