Super Full Moon – Festival of Humanity – Lunar Eclipse + Meditation, May 26th

Super Full Moon – Festival of Humanity – Lunar Eclipse + Meditation, May 26th
Keynote: “I recognize my other self and in the waning of that self I grow and glow.”
Gemini – The Third of Three Annual Spiritual Festivals
 The impulse in Gemini is called the Festival of Humanity, Unification or Goodwill. This new impulse generated through two full moons in Aries this year, took root in earthy Taurus at the Wesak Festival and is distributed in the sign of Gemini.
Full moon periods are monthly cycles of high spiritual energy and potential – to connect and commune with the Spiritual Forces of the planet and participate in the great celebration of our souls guidance, and being guided toward the light which we are.
Gemini also rules inner communications because of its association with the etheric body in the mediating principle between the soul and the personality, a medium for the telepathic medium of communication. The function of the etheric body is to receive energy impulses and to be swept into activity by these impulses, or streams of consciousness, emanating from an originating source including the 7 Rays.
All the bodies are conditioned the rays, therefore the etheric-physical might be n the 7th ray, whilst the mental body on the 5th ray and so on. The etheric body is composed of a myriads of threads or tiny streams of energy, held in relation to the emotional and mental bodies and the soul by their coordinating effects.
It is important to understand that the first three festivals of the year are all connected to communication. Mercury the Messenger is the ruler of Gemini and the soul ruler of Aries, the first festival. Taurus rules the organs of speech.
This full moon brings with it a very strong eclipse, a mystical time for personal growth. It brings an awakening and awareness around control versus freedom – it heightens the energies around truth, freedom, travel and natural law. A total lunar eclipse like this one brings with it many changes, a light shining the truth, peoples belief systems being shattered, a new way of looking at things as people awaken through this process.
This full moon is about Awakening to Empowerment, a time to envision a new holograph for oneself.
Sirius is the source of Love-Wisdom in our solar system, emanating from the cosmic mental plane. The second ray of love-wisdom is the only ray which pours through Gemini, whose constellation is connected to the “cosmic Christ”. Venus transmits that force of mind to Humanity, giving mental understanding, love and compassion. Both Sirius and Venus are associated with initiation.
I look forward to seeing you at The Village at Montrose community gathering on the 26th a place of peace and tranquility.
Thank you for all that you do as you quest each day bringing light, love and peace to all you meet and greet.

Blessings, love and light,


Super Full Moon – Festival of Humanity – Lunar Eclipse + Meditation, May 26th

Listen to an audio recording of this telecall with Finbarr Ross from May 26 2021: