Summer Solstice Threefold Golden Flame Meditation

Summer Solstice Threefold Golden Flame Meditation

Each year at Winter Solstice we enter vibrationally and energetically into a new period of Awakening. This year it is about Awakening to Strength, which was asking us to look at balance in our lives. As we looked at Strength, we saw many things that brought us to a new awareness, a new consciousness about ourselves and the world around us. We now believe, we do not think, and so our consciousness has changed and we are finding balance through our inner strength.

By embracing our new understanding of Strength, we see and feel balance in our experiences as we quest the pathway of life. We become consciously aware of sound, the strength and balance it brings to our communication, as we become impeccable with our words as they emanate out from our throat chakra. I can’t remember who said this: “We see things not as they are, but as we are”.

At Winter Solstice 2018, the new energies of 2019 arrived, bringing us a deeper awareness/consciousness on the journey of the pathway of the heart, which will reach its highest vibrational point at Summer Solstice. The energy this year has brought us shock and surprise, along with endless possibilities, as confusion abounded along with karmic power and the need for change while Ray 1 works to eliminate all that no longer serves humanity.

At Summer Solstice, Archangel Uriel takes over from Archangel Raphael as the governing archangel of the planet until Autumn Equinox. We are at the fifth spoke of the Wheel of the Year which brings us freedom while Archangel Uriel brings us transformation and ascension. Uriel is the archangel of beauty, and beauty is all around us at this time as we look at the mountains, fields, rivers and streams full of new life. It is the time when the impulse we each received at Winter Solstice is now reaching its pinnacle, and we are experiencing transformation and ascension as we have shifted in consciousness each day through our divine experiences, bringing us to a greater understanding of our soul’s journey; the pathway of life we chose as we entered life here. We are spiritual beings having a spiritual experience in a physical body as we come to understand that our soul lives on.

We will experience a Threefold Golden Flame Meditation on Summer Solstice which will connect us to our true self which is a Cosmic Temple of Golden Light and Illumination, connecting us through the energies of the Golden Flame with the energies of the Divine Mother as we bring about the vibrational shift as builders of the new dawn/new dispensation. It is that time of the year when unified consciousness/Unity Consciousness/Christ Consciousness is at its highest vibrational rate, sending energy of Love-Wisdom out into the planet and to each human being who is open to receive it.

See you at Summer Solstice.

Blessings, love and illumination,


Summer Solstice Threefold Golden Flame Meditation

Join Finbarr Ross for a Summer Solstice Meditation telecall to share inspiration for the journey into Awakened Consciousness, Ascension, and the process of Self Realization as we journey this year of Awakening to Strength.

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