Summer Solstice Mystical Meditation + Solar Eclipse, June 20th

Summer Solstice Mystical Meditation + Solar Eclipse, June 20th

Summer Solstice a time of culmination of seeds sown at Winter Solstice with the energy now reaching it pinnacle for humanity and our planet. The seeds sown at winter solstice brought us a year of transition a year of looking within, at life, ourselves and the planet with a whole new perspective. Today Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year and starting on June 22nd the days get shorter as we embrace and integrate all that the energy’s, vibrations and frequencies of this year as we embody these energies we are in for an amazing adventure.

On Summer Solstice Archangel Uriel takes over guardianship of humanity and the planet from Archangel Raphael who has been the guardian since Spring Equinox. Archangel Uriel represents Light of Wisdom along with energy of Beauty. He is about unveiling the wisdom of the masters. Summer Solstice is the central channel of light energy that has been rising since Winter Solstice. This energy is cultivating the body of light and how we are expressing in the world.

Added to all of that we have the Solar Eclipse which interestingly enough covers “Fathers Day” watch for the change that that this eclipse will bring to the patriarchy.

Summer Solstice is a time of transformation and ascension a time of culmination of energies planted as we and nature reaches the very peak of perfection. Our Keynote for this time is Transformation.

Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night Dream awakens us to the hidden mysteries of initiation a mystical time of the year. On this night the task of the nature spirits is complete and the Faerie Festival is held to celebrate the event. It is a re-birthing Cosmic event. A time to connect with Trees as they emanate beauty because when we connect with trees they open us up to inner sight and a whole new process of life as they trace their ancestry back to Lemuria and Atlantis.

I look forward to seeing you on Summer Solstice for our Mystical Meditation.

Blessings, love and light,


Summer Solstice Mystical Meditation
+ Solar Eclipse, June 20th

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