Spring Equinox Three Fold Golden Flame Meditation

Spring Equinox Three Fold Golden Flame Meditation

Watch a Zoom recording of the Three Fold Golden Flame meditation on March 19th with Barbara Poulin:

Spring Equinox Three Fold Golden Flame Meditation with Barbara Poulin

Greetings from India in this mystical time of transition. As you are already aware, Barbara Poulin, a wonderful Shaman from Montrose, CO, will be leading the Spring Equinox Three Fold Golden Flame meditation and connecting with us in India as we open the 9th of 13 Awakened Consciousness Inter-Dimensional Gateways on the banks of the Ganges river in Varanasi. We will be connecting with you from Varanasi at 7:00 p.m. Mountain time, 6:30 a.m. India time, making it an amazingly powerful experience.

Spring Equinox is when Archangel Raphael takes over as guardian of our planet for the next three months to Summer Solstice. It is a time of perfect balance in our lives if we choose to embrace it. It is a time of shifting consciousness and new growth within, opening us up to the endless awareness of Awakening to Group Consciousness which is the theme for this year 2020. It is a time of awakening within our hearts that enables that spark of awareness, enabled by the Golden Flame which awakens our divinity as we feed our soul, which propels us forward into unified consciousness/Christ consciousness. When we say yes, we step into the field of unified consciousness as we are creating a tapestry and stepping into the field of infinite possibilities.

2020 is about our shift in consciousness, and as we walk this path, we are aware that this year is a year of transition where the old paradigm begins in earnest to fall away and the powers that be here in the physical do not know how to cope. Gone are the days of the old boy network as the energy of the new world servers take hold, knowing that they and the soul are one. We are awakening to our humanity and our oneness, and what better time to do it than Spring Equinox – a time of perfect balance in our world – equal day and night. Our job is to breath, be still, let go of fear, and hold our divinity within our heart as we are a Temple of The Golden Flame and a Temple of Divine Love.

As we travel here in India, we see love in action each day. We are holding space as we breathe, meditate, heal and have ceremony. We are grateful for the loving kindness we are greeted with each day as we quest our great spiritual journey, just as should you be as you quest your own life’s spiritual journey each day, knowing that you are a spiritual being having a spiritual experience in a physical dimension. It is only when we allow the spin doctors and false news media take us out of balance that we go into fear, so I ask you to say outside the box; do not be drawn in to the emotional frenzy, but breath, meditate, and be at peace, for all is in divine order.

Blessings, love and light,