September Full Moon Meditation from Paris

September Full Moon Meditation from Paris

This month, the full moon meditation is coming to you from Paris.

Virgo is esoterically the sign of the birth of the Christ or soul and its ongoing gestation in the womb of time, and now we are in that time of the second coming which is happening within each of us. The seven rays are now very active in our lives with their powerful energies. Love-Wisdom, the energy of the second ray, pours through Virgo with amazing power much more than any other sign. The gifted Virgo healer is one who works consciously as we work with the healing energies now available to us.

Virgo is a sign of mental discrimination, asking us not to get caught up in the emotions of situations, but to view them from outside the box with discernment.

Blessings, love and light,


September Full Moon Meditation

Join Finbarr Ross for a Full Moon Meditation from Paris with a discussion on the esoteric qualities of Virgo and the energies of this month’s full moon.

Saturday, September 14th, 2019

9:00pm Eastern
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