Purification in the Dead Sea

Purification in the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is a natural salt water lake found at the lowest point on earth, between Jordan and Israel. The waters of the Dead Sea are densely packed with a high content of salt, minerals, and other nutrients that are known to be highly therapeutic.

This very special place has been revered as a place of healing and purification for thousands of years. Many tourists visit the Dead Sea from all around the world, traveling there to relax on its beaches, enjoy the therapeutic benefits of its healing waters, or simply witness its natural beauty. Even Cleopatra, herself, is said to have known of the one-of-a-kind healing and purifying powers of the Dead Sea.

The entire environment surrounding the Dead Sea has a purifying effect, from the increased barometric pressure, to the mud making up the mud beaches, and even in the oxygen-rich, allergen-free air. Many people visit the Dead Sea seeking rejuvenation or relief from ailments as varied as dermatological to respiratory to nervous system issues. The Dead Sea is also known to be beneficial for even the healthiest of visitors. In fact, the magical healing properties of the Dead Sea are so coveted that many health and beauty products today are made with ingredients from this unique and special place.

Experience the extraordinary purification and healing first-hand as we bathe in the Dead Sea on our Sacred Tour of Israel, allowing ourselves to be transformed by the unparalleled healing and purifying environment found only at the Dead Sea.

Join us on this spiritual adventure and experience the timeless wonder of being a pilgrim… one much more unique than the ordinary traveler. 

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