Full Moon + Meditation with the Golden Flame of Illumination – October 1st

Full Moon + Meditation with the Golden Flame of Illumination – October 1st

Keynote: “I choose the Way that leads between the two great lines of force.”

Libra is the zodiac sign which brings us balance between seasons, night and day, heart and mind. Libra is balance, fairness, justice and right relationships – working through its ruler Venus to unite the pairs of opposites, creating beauty and harmony in our world.

Through Libras esoteric ruler Uranus, Libra presides over relationships between groups, bringing like-minded people together in mutual co-operation.

Like the Aquarian Cross with its two interlocking circles, the Scales of Justice with its two circular scales is represented by the interlocking between these two circles – the equinoxes and solstices, represent where space and time meet, yet the very possibility that the illusion of space-time can be transcended; these four seasons meet represents spiritual doorways where alignment can take place with the inner, timeless realms of the soul, heart and mind.

Libra is the sign that witnesses the consequences of actions or ideas initiated in the opposite sign Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. Hence, Libra is a sign of karma whose lord – Saturn, is exalted in this sign.

Back in March-April, the Caronavirus “pandemic” gathered great momentum, though the panicked responses of governments – goaded and bullied by “authoritative bodies”, health “experts” and a robotic media relentlessly cranking out meaningless or misleading statistics and information.

It is during this period of Libra that a review of the ideas (or propaganda), initiated in the March/Aries period to see if it has borne good or bad fruit. Today the entire planet is in complete disarray, disagreement and divisiveness over Coronavirus – this mutant harvest speaks for itself.

On September 29th Mars went retrograde so things are going to get hotter. Mars comes closest to the earth on October 6th. This full moon is about individuals rights, feelings and emotions and they are about to come to a boil in Aries. We are now entering a period of social unrest as people come out and march to achieve freedom, a better understanding of what is going on, seeking to find balance and meaning in their lives.

With the sun in Libra, the energy is driving people to seek freedom, justice and fairness seeking discourse and the truth. Power issues will become amplified as the powers that be seek to control without disclosure creating further chaos.

On the 13th Mercury goes Retrograde until November 3rd so we will all be questing within understanding that spiritually speaking we are seeking freedom, love, balance, justice, fairness and equality.

It is Spiritually through Love that we accelerate the break down of the old way. NOW this moment, this time is about our FOCUS – where do we put our focus NOW is dependent on how we upgrade humanity and our planet. Remember we are energy, vibration and frequency and if we choose collectively and correctly we will move forward and choose to receive Divine Light. We need to trust in Divine Love which is as strong as it is tender. This is a time to use discernment and stay outside the box, watch your emotions and do not get drawn in remember to breath.

Be aware of your focus if you choose drama, chaos and fear that is what you are bringing forth in your life and to the collective. If you choose the spiritual path you choose the higher road/world knowing that you are a spiritual being, having a spiritual experience in a human body/environment. Each day as you quest the pathway of the heart you will feel and know that you are divinely protected as you focus on your quest your sacred divine mission remembering that Divine Love is strong and tender so all is in divine order.

If possible stop watching the news on television, this will make a major difference to your vibration, frequency and energy. There are many ways of keeping yourself informed and updated about what is going on without being exposed to the robotic media relentlessly cranking out meaningless or misleading brainwashing information.

You are Light and Light is your linage, Light is energy, vibration and frequency.

Looking forward to seeing you on October 1st.

Blessings, love and light,


Full Moon + Meditation with the Golden Flame of Illumination
October 1st

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