June Full Moon Meditation with the Golden Flame

June Full Moon Meditation with the Golden Flame

Keynote: “I recognize my other self and in the waning of that self I grow and glow.”

Gemini: Festival of Humanity/Unification/Christ Consciousness

Gemini is the third of the new year’s three major festivals and sets the tone for the new year – Aries, Taurus, Gemini. The new impulse generated in Aries takes root in earthy Taurus at the Wesak Festival and is subsequently distributed in the sign of Gemini. Full moon periods are monthly cycles of high spiritual potential – to commune with the Spiritual Forces of the planet and participate in the great celebration of souls guiding and being guided toward the light – and we are each a temple of light.

Gemini rules inner communications because of its association with the etheric body which is the medium of transmission for impulses from the soul via the mental body.

Gemini rules communications. The second ray of Love-Wisdom is the only ray to pass through Gemini, it is this force that is being invoked and disseminated – in all its various expressions – via the spoken or written word, music (the universal language), art, acts of human kindness and even the internet.

So it is necessary for each of us to be aware of our communication with ourselves and others and to be impeccable with our words. Allow the tone that leaves us to be a tone of beauty and love, and not anger.

June Full Moon Meditation Telecall with Mystic Finbarr Ross