Isle of Iona and Awakened Consciousness

Isle of Iona and Awakened Consciousness

In this year of challenge and confusion I ask you to look within and experience the awakening that is taking place within yourself as you open yourself up to your own Divinity; how you are becoming more consciously aware of the world about you and the people you associate with. You see and feel what is no longer acceptable in your life and take steps to remedy this. This is your awakening to your soul’s journey! (The challenges and confusion are the tools of Spirit to awaken us and it is up to each of us how we respond.)

Isle of Iona: A sacred isle to the druids in ancient times, later, the Culdees and Celtic Christians who came here, most famously, St Columba – Iona is still, today, a mecca for many to visit and explore, i.e., nature lovers, spiritual groups, photographers, artists,  archaeologists and more. On Iona you will explore and experience Iona Abbey, St Martins cross, St Oran’s Chapel, the royal burial grounds, and the ruins of the Iona nunnery. Iona is often referred to as ‘The Cradle of Christianity in Scotland,’ and it is here you will experience attunements as we explore the sacred sites and embrace the area.


The ancient druid Isle of Iona has powerful messages for each and every one of us to take into ourselves and back out to the world, a “seed” of awakened consciousness in this the year of Awakening to the Soul’s Journey that will take us to deeper levels of self-realization. Since Winter Solstice 2007, when the gateway of transparency was first opened, Iona has been a transformational place where Finbarr has received messages and guidance each year ( his first message was in 2007) of what to expect for the coming year. If you look at the transitions the world has gone through over the last seven years, you will see these energies reflected in world events. ’08 brought us transparency, ’09 compassion, ’10 balance (claiming your own power), ’11 resurrection (just look at what happened around the world), ’12 ascension (letting go of all that no longer serves us). Underlying everything has been a greater shift towards transparency for ourselves personally, in business, government, politics, you name it! And since the first emanation, or starburst, of this new awakened consciousness anchored in the world at Winter Solstice 2012. In ’13 we moved into deeper into the Age of Aquarius and into a new cycle of the Mayan lunar calendar, starting with Spring Equinox of 2013, where we experienced the opening of a major inter dimensional doorway awakening people and taking all those present to new horizons within their own consciousness and their healing abilities.


At Autumn Equinox 2013 was the opening of the second inter dimensional doorway and we were at Chartres cathedral for that. Now the third open of the inter dimensional is about to open, and if you feel called to be a part of this powerful life-changing experience opening yourself up to a deeper connection to your own personal spiritual journey this Autumn Equinox, come join us for a 13-day transformational journey that you’ll never forget. The incredible Itinerary includes experiencing sacred ceremony, meditation, pilgrimage to the sacred points, opening ourselves up to the ancient energies, vortexes and talks of ancient sacred Celtic mystical paths, as well as three full days on the Isle of Iona with Finbarr as our guide, sharing with us all of the tools and practices to nourish and sustain the light body in the process of ascension.

So I extend to you my personal invitation for you to join with me on the sacred journey of Awakening to the Soul’s Journey.

I thank each of you for all that you do each day bringing light, love and peace to humanity and our world.