Honoring the Divine Feminine, the Goddess, the Black Madonna, Saints & Relics

Honoring the Divine Feminine, the Goddess, the Black Madonna, Saints & Relics

As you are aware, this year brings with it many changes, so I also have brought changes to the sacred journeys/pilgrimages that I am offering. You can look at what you experience on one of these journeys as a two-week intensive deeply immersed in a spiritual journey to discover your own divinity. You’ll experience sacred moments of awakening and ah-ha’s as you participate in meditations, ceremonies, rituals and healings, allowing yourself to become more consciously aware.

This is what our sacred journey to Italy is all about, starting in Milan.

The Via Francigene was the route of the early pilgrims. We’ll see the majestic 14th century Gothic Cathedral, Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper, and the Teatro alla Scala. Traveling east we’ll then visit the university town of Padua and its Cathedral to pay homage to St. Anthony, the patron of lost people, things and causes (with an optional visit to Venice). Traveling south, we’ll stop in Siena known for the Palazzo Pubblico, for the 14th century cathedral, for the Pinacoteca Nazionale museum holding rooms of Black Madonna icons by Duccio and other famous Seinese artists, and for the church of San Domenico which holds an important relic of St. Catherine.

We’ll then journey on to peaceful and beautiful Assisi where we’ll see the world famous frescos in the upper and lower Basilica Di San Francesco, and in the crypt we will visit St. Francis; we’ll also pay homage to St. Clare at Santa Chiara and walk the surrounding beautiful, bird-filled garden; at Santa Maria degli Angeli we’ll visit the much venerated shrine, The Cappella del Transito, the humble first church of St. Francis before he died in 1226.

All of these experiences open us up to new understanding and awakenings about ourselves. To me all of these places are mystical and magical and as I traveled and experienced each of these places I was taken to a new high, a new understanding of myself!

Finally we will arrive in Rome, our home for the next 6 days — no other tour does this that I know of! We will spend an awe-inspiring day filled with art and other treasures of The Vatican Museum, St. Peter’s and the Necropolis, and we’ll have time to see the famous Castle S Angelo of early Papal history and highlighted by Angels and Demons. Then we’re off to get our hands trapped in the Bocca and to see SM Cosmedin and ancient temples on the way to the Ghetto. After exploring St. Clemente which has 5 layers of history, we’ll marvel at Bernini’s elephant holding an obelisk in front of SM Sopra Minerva, and to, in our hearts, unite St. Catherine’s head which we honored in Siena with her body in this church. There’s more Angel and Demons with our visit to SM del Popolo and SM della Vittoria, and who could in forget St. Francis’s church in the Trastevere with Bernini’s masterpiece! Shopping along the Via dei Coronari, Via Nazionale, and Via Condotti is awe-inspiring!

I hope you will join me on this sacred journey as we follow the Pilgrim Path through Medieval Italy from Milan to Rome. A sacred journey like no other; as I am inspired to create these journeys I am asked to create journeys that no one else is offering. So, I ask you to join me and I issue my personal invitation to join me on this one of a kind sacred intensive and allow spirit to work through you.

I look forward to meeting you in Milan.