Full Moon + Meditation Golden Flame of Illumination January 6th - 7:00 PM MST

Full Moon + Meditation Golden Flame of Illumination January 6th - 7:00 PM MST

Capricorn Keynote: “Lost am I in light supernal and on that light I turn my back.”
On January 6th we celebrate the first full moon of 2023 and the 12th night of the holy days.

The Sun entered Capricorn on Dec.21st when the moon was in its balsamic phase. The new moon made its presence felt on Dec 23rd and the crescent of the new moon was visible on Dec 25th – Christmas Day, a powerful portent illumination welcoming to 2023. Our Christmas celebration was amplified by the new moon occurring in the middle of the solstice period (Dec 23rd). Given that in any moon cycle, a new moon and the two days leading up to it (Dec 21st and 22nd, the balsamic phase), the symbolism is similar to the solstice. All aspects are plunged into darkness before the emergence of the first golden sliver of the moon – about two days after the exact new moon time. The solstice period was an important time to work in a deeply subjective manner, tapping into the magical seventh ray energy of Capricorn – through ritual and meditation, deep pondering, invoking spirit into matter.

In ancient times winter solstice was celebrated as the feast of Saturnalia with a mystic marriage dramatizing the marriage of the earth and the sun. This ceremony represented the new birth initiation. Esoterically, Saturn-alia is a festival of light leading to the winter solstice – with the abundant presence of candles symbolizing the quest for knowledge and truth. Saturn is the ruler of the third ray of Active-Intelligence – the ray of light.

January 6th the Feast of the Epiphany celebrates the revelation of God and the visit of The Magi to the Christ Child. Epiphany is also known as the Twelfth Night – a festival celebrated with “music, masked balls and revelry” – same as Saturnalia celebrated before Christmas! The Three Wise Men symbolize the Masters – Capricorn initiates who have scaled the supreme mountain; they came from the East! of noble birth – educated, wealthy, and influential – philosophers, counselors, learned in the wisdom of the ancient East. The three kings were Gaspar, Melchior and Balthazar and their gifts were gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Gold symbolizes the material nature, which must be consecrated to the service of God and man. Frankincense symbolizes the emotional nature with its aspirations and this aspiration must rise as incense to the feet of God. Incense is also a symbol of purification. Myrrh or bitterness relates to the mind. It is through the mind, through our thought forms, that we suffer as human beings. The further the race progresses and the more the mind develops, the greater seems the capacity for suffering. But when suffering is seen in its true light and dedicated to divinity, the closer we come to God.

Capricorn is ruled at the personality and soul levels by Saturn – the Lord of Karma and creator of the Law. Laws are decreed so that order prevails and anarchy is not set loose as the new dispensation emerges with the theme for 2023 - Awakening to Truth.I invite you to embrace life with love, gratitude, compassion and forgiveness allowing freedom and truth to flow in all aspects of your life and watch the magic happen.

I look forward to being with you on Friday January 6th as we join with our our global spiritual community, creating a stable energy field emanating from The Village at Montrose out into the world, a place of peace, divine inspiration and empowerment opening us up to the beauty of who we are as we walk the pathway of the heart.

Blessings, love and light,


Full Moon + Meditation Golden Flame of Illumination

January 6th - 7:00 PM MST