Full Moon Meditation, February 27th

Full Moon Meditation, February 27th

Keynote: “I leave the Father’s home and turning back I save.” 

Full Moon Meditation, February 27th

The Solar Festival – Pisces in Virgo.

Pisces is the last moon of the Zodiacal Year. This keynote of Pisces is beautifully esoteric – this sign of death, dissolving, closing down, sacrifice, making sacred and redemption. The “father’s house” is the monad from where the eternal pilgrim journeys out to the far world – as a soul gleaning multiple experiences upon the evolutionary pathway/ the pathway of the heart.

Through the many life experience and eventual realization, the pilgrim returns after a long time to the father/monad. We are at the stage in our evolutionary process that we need to take on board the Christ consciousness message “If you want to live, you have to die” – death precedes life, destruction precedes reconstruction – as humanity is experiencing intensely right now with the deconstruction of the old order – control versus freedom = power to the people. The power of people coming together in groups to pray, meditate etc sending vortexes out energy, golden light out into the universe.

Whatever one’s religious persuasion, the soul – the planetary soul is forever conquering the illusion of death which is always birthing us into a new and greater life.

Pisces is evolved from being a “savior/rescuer” in a self-serving way, to becoming an awakened consciousness being of light – awaking to the fact Pisces is the World Savior, and Aquarius is the World Server. Eventually, we as humanity will awaken to our soul consciousness to be our own redeemer – that is the pathway of the heart.

We are in a year of revolution and disclosure as we walk the pathway of the heart watching the old order deconstruct.
Aquarius is about power to the people and the way we view the world is radically shifting at an amazing pace taking us back to truth.

The Aquarius energy is very strong in our world today and its new high frequency is updating our DNA.

Health is becoming a major issue with feelings building and bubbling up now the energies of truth are asking us to look at health – microbes – ancient wisdom of the earth producing all that we need to heal us energetically and through the gifts of mother nature.

Remember we have choice – using discernment and discretion in our choices as we go within for answers, we ponder what is right for us and allow the answers to come from within.

I look forward to seeing you on the 27th.


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Full Moon Meditation + Golden Flame of Illumination, February 27th

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