Full Moon Festival of Humanity – Lunar Eclipse – Three Fold Golden Flame Meditation, June 5th

Full Moon Festival of Humanity – Lunar Eclipse – Three Fold Golden Flame Meditation, June 5th

Keynote: “I recognize my other self and in the waning of that self I grow and glow.”

We are now celebrating at this full moon Festival of Humanity and Goodwill which is the third of the great spiritual festivals of the year. The new impulse generated at Easter followed by the Wesak Festival and now being distributed through this full moon and the Festival of Humanity.

Full moon periods are monthly cycles of high spiritual energy – to connect and commune with the Spiritual Forces of the planet and participate in the great celebration of our souls guidance of being guided toward a deepening of the light which we are.

These three spiritual festivals of the year are all connected to communication and the dissemination of information, thereby transmitting the universal principle through right speech, dialogue and communications of all kinds. The Easter festival celebrates The Christ, the Wesak Taurus festival celebrates the Buddha, whilst the Gemini festival of Humanity or Goodwill.

The etheric body is the mediating principle between the soul and personality, a medium for the telepathic communication of ideas. Each individual etheric body is connected to the planetary etheric web, linked indissolubly to every other life form; this underlies human communication with the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms:

“The function of the etheric body is to receive energy impulses and to be swept into activity by these impulses, or streams of consciousness, emanating from some originating source including the 7 Rays. All the bodies are conditioned by the rays, therefore the etheric-physical might be on the seventh ray, whilst the mental body on the fifth ray and so forth. Other planetary and zodiac forces can also create a strong or weak etheric constitution, depending upon the individual and their karmic liabilities. The etheric body is composed of myriads of threads or tiny streams of energy, held in relation to the emotional and mental bodies and to the soul by their coordinating effect.

These streams of energy, in their turn, have an effect on the physical body and swing it into activity of some kind or another, according to the nature and power of whatever type of energy may be dominating the etheric body at any particular time.

The eclipse will bring us compression and insensitivity also with spiritual awakenings.

I look forward to seeing you at the meditation.

Blessings, love and light,

Full Moon Festival of Humanity – Lunar Eclipse – Three Fold Golden Flame Meditation June 5th

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