February Full Moon Golden Flame Meditation

February Full Moon Golden Flame Meditation

Keynote: “I leave the Father’s home and turning back I save.”

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and represents the completion of the annual cycle, in preparation for the new cycle in the following sign Aries which brings us Easter.

Pisces affords us the opportunity to reflect upon the year that is passing, to reflect upon what was achieved or not achieved. It helps us release ideas and ideals which no longer serve us.

Today, the world is at a tipping point between the unawakened Piscean humanity and those who are awakening to the new Aquarian frequencies. These two signs have a connection to the outgoing sixth ray of Devotion and the new incoming seventh ray of Ceremonial Order, and group consciousness.

There is no angry God, no hell, and no vicarious atonement. There is only a great principle of love awakening the entire universe after 2000 years (the second coming). There is the Presence of the Christ Consciousness/Unified Consciousness, indicating to humanity the feeding of the soul, and the only hell is here on earth itself, where we learn to work out our own salvation by connecting with our soul, awakened by the love principle and the golden light which is the unified spark that resides within each of us.

See you on the 19th.

Blessings, love and golden light,


February Full Moon Golden Flame Meditation

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